Picking one from the many


An avalanche of calling cards is available for everyone to buy from nearly everywhere on the territory of USA and Canada. Because of this, market monopoly shouldn't be a problem in this case, and it isn't? While the big problem is pretty much out of discussion, this leaves somehow, room for other smaller issues. Despite of how many options are there to choose from, most providers are still following an unchanged set of rules and practices which may influence people's experience when using those cards. A couple of elements should also be taken into account when getting a calling card.


The expenses


It is like a minigame to check through the small text for “clues and details” about all the possible and impossible taxes that are applied on the calling cards. As little as those cards are, and with such a small monetary value carried by them, one would think that its not even worth the effort of scamming people through taxes, on a $10 credit. But they did it, they added taxes for pretty much everything they could, and when they ran out of options to tax, they added new types of fees: the rounding-up. Basically it means that you call 1 or less that a minute, and you are charged for three, five and even eight minutes. At this rate, as they “try” to keep up, the calling cards revolution might lead to situations where people just get taxed for looking at them, or for considering purchasing them. Leaving the joke aside, it is just ridiculous how people lose a big part of their calling credit in such ways.


Destination availability


Because of the restriction that some cards have for some countries, you need to be careful and always check it. Also, you may compare the prices of different cards to be sure you get the best deal, since there are so many options to choose from.


Market's big sharks could make good rafts


If reliability is an important factor for you then, make sure to pick the most renown brands, since most are maintaining the quality levels, in accordance with their reputation. Due to so many companies throwing bad services on the market, you are adviced to also do a serious research, in order to make a good choice and not end up with low-quality services. Barely being able to hear the person you are calling, having your calls randomly disconnected, or simply not being able to connect in the first place, can be pretty frustrating, especially when there is an emergency, or you really need to dial someone.


From people to people


Given the opportunities that are now given by the internet, you may easily access all kind of informational resources on pretty much anything. Calling cards are not an exception, there are countless of reviews out there for everyone to check before getting clogged by some bad services or unreliant investition. There is also the possibility of finding out beforehand, whether a certain calling card should be avoided, by reviews and warnings that other users have left.


One option to replace them all


If none of those calling cards seem to be fit for you, then you may try the alternative that our company brings on the table: an app designed for your smartphone that could be easily downloaded for Android and iOS in just a few seconds. The app's called Nalo and the blue emblem makes it easy to recognise. The bother of having to always visit the store is gone, since through our app, you could also check and manage your balance becouse you will hear it every time you call. The chat and video-calling, are some other features you could try if you decide to use it.

An apparently cheap calling card could not be the best option, so always make sure to check the small prints on it for the whole detailed description of how the taxes are applied. The possibility of finding better services is there, since more and more user-focused domains and forums are started to emerge out there on the internet.


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