Nalo Market

+355 Albania
Albania Fixed
62.40  ¢/min
Albania Tirana Fixed
62.80  ¢/min
Albania Fixed Albtel
61.20  ¢/min
Albania Mobile
139.60  ¢/min
Albania Mobile Amc
132.40  ¢/min
Albania Mobile Vodafone
156.00  ¢/min

Albania International Calling Card

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • ACCESSIBILITY Auto-recharge - recharge your account automatically as soon as it drops below the minimum amount you setup.
  • Speed dial - with this feature you can save frequently dialed numbers to speed-codes and they will automatically dialed for you.
  • PIN less dialing - call easy if you register your phone number with Nalotel.
  • Account management - you will receive a personalized online account management.
  • QUALITY Cheap international calling rates - we connect international calls via local phone lines so you will always get the best calling rates.
  • One minute rounding - means that a call for 2 minutes and 50 seconds will be billed as 3 minutes.
  • Premium call quality - we are constantly monitoring phone lines to give you the best call connection.
  • Quick connection - we have optimized your international calling by connecting them trough local phone lines.
  • Local access number - means that instead of using a toll free number to dial into our system to place a call, you dial a local number in your area code, for cheaper calls.
  • Toll Free number - This is a nationwide free of charge access number that you dial to start using a phone card. You can use them from any phone (a charge of ¢1.6 per minute will occur).
  • RELIABILITY No hidden fees - we don't like paying hidden fees more than you do, and that's why we don't charge them.
  • No connection fee - we don't charge to connect your international call, you only pay the advertised price.