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Residential Calling Plans

At Nalotel VoIP service we have calling plans for all of your international calling needs. Residential calling plans comes with premium calling features, International access number and free VoIP phone to everyone who has Nalo VoIP service.

Any calls between Nalo VoIP users are free, so have you and your contacts Nalo VoIP service.

Calling Plans

Create your own Smart Calling Plan based on your calling needs.

Activate now and start making and receiving a calls.

Reliable premium - quality international calling cards

Buy the best calling card for you and receive your account information instantly by email.

from premium call quality

We automatically find the best phone lines to connect your call through.


to the most competitive prices

We analyze traffic to give you the lowest international calling card prices.

with a little touch of magic

With our ingenious calling plans you'll have amazing experience based on your calling needs.

Top 5 reasons to choose Nalo international calling cards.

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Cheap calling rates worldwide

Never run out of minutes

Category: Calling card features

Free calling app for mobile devices

Category: Free Nalo app

International calling card overview

Category: International calling card guide

Calling without internet connection

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Liberate calling around the globe

Increase conversation and minimize your cost for international calling. Our calling cards are specially created for different circumstances.

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