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Escaping the comercial matrix of dictated prices

A common fact nowadays, is that calling internationally is not quite cheap. Its not hard to understand that dialing from a corner of the world to another may be a bit costly. The trick however, is that such calls are not expensive for the phone companies, which brings in quite a big profit, especially when adding a margin of ninety percent, as the majority of them does.

Because of this, Nalotel is trying to make things easier for us by introducing the Nalo app. The way it works is pretty handy due to its possibility to call app-to-app or app-to-cellphone/landline.

All you need is an internet connection, that can be easily obtained through the now increasingly spread wifi signals. Nalo app can be downloaded on either Android devices or iphones' iOS and just like Skype or Viber, you may reach anyone for free, if they have it installed as well. Additionally, if you want to call someone that doesn't have it installed (home phones, cellphone brands without Android/iOS), connection is not restricted, instead, you may use your available credit to call directly through Nalo, just as dialing from a device to another.

The rates that Nalotel provides for most countries are very cheap, so you could call from USA to Europe, Middle East or even further, just like you'd be calling your neighbor across the street.

The aim of this kind of services it to make Nalotel customers be less dependant on their phone companies or other communication moguls, mostly by providing some more flexibility when they try to reach their beloved ones around the world or mainly when trying to connect with anyone that is far away.