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International calls by mobile phone

Beware the services you are using when calling international via cell phone because you might have unpleasant surprises when the bill arives. Because of the usual taxes or simply just the price of a call abroad, using apps becomes an increasingly spreading habit of people nowadays. And due to being easier to use, more handy and furthermore, free, along with all the advertising, support and development they receive, apps are quickly gaining more and more territory each year.


The plans for calling abroad


When using a phone company, such as AT&T, Nalotel, Sprint and Verizon, someone that wants to call international has a few options to choose from. One of them is the pay-per-minute option, which applies the charge, deppending, from a country's rate to another. Some other, would be to choose a monthly plan, which lowers the rate per minute, but also brings in a fixed payment, without the possibility of paying less if calling less. There is however, the option of combining a plan with the rate, in order to avoid the effort of managing two separate services. This is mainly useful for those who call very often, but not only.

With Nalotel, you may have both options active at the same time: a credit, that does not expire, to use when calling anywhere, and also a fixed plan for the longer type of calls that you would make with your loved ones, friends, etc.


The classic calling card


For people who are newly settled in a foreign country, calling cards seem to be a good option, due to the lack of information and trust they have for the phone companies and services available there. What many don't know is that, such cards could be very expensive, mainly due to a practice that is widely spread among providers, and can be more or less costly, depending on the region. This trick they play on custommers is the minute-rounding and it can go from the usual increment of one minute, to three, five and even eight. Combining this with the additional pick-up, hung up, and the other taxes that are craftily set, the people calling, are always charged more, therefore, they use less of the credit they paid for. The client's option would be to carefully read all the details and specifications when buying one of these cards.

With Nalotel's cards, which are electronic, and can be easily obtained with a simple call, such trouble, with the over-taxing, but not only, could easily be avoided.


Apps: an alternative designed for your cell-phone


Last but not the least option, would be the using of an app for making your calls. While Skype, Google Voice, Viber and Vonage, and many others, are all having apps for cell phones, Nalotel comes with their own app for Android and iOS. With this app, any registered customer could easily access their credit, and make international calls, by being charged according to the their plan/rates. If those you call have the Nalo app installed as well, by using any kind of internet connection (data or wifi), you may dial them for free.

Whether you are using this or that, or some other means for calling international, the quality is an important element that should be taken care of. This includes a series of factors like drop rate of calls, the connection stability and integrity. So no matter how cheap a service would be, if those requirements are not met, it is not worh at all. And that's why Nalotel is trying to provide the best price-quality raport.