Best Android Texting App


The constant strive for market supremacy that Android and Apple's iOS bring on the table, brought them both into a state of tense advancement towards the latest and finest technological development. Android turns out to be a real challenger for Steve Jobs' company with a prospering app store. In terms of SMS/text/chat, some of the most popular brands kept up (due to constantly being adapted and changed along with the consumers' demands and needs) and were not pushed aside, but contrary, are still gaining teritory. As always, there are also new “kids” in the neighborhood. Here we are going to take a look upon those top apps.




Starting out as an original VoIP platform, Skype managed to gradually beef up until nowadays, becoming one of the most renown calling and texting apps worldwide. Its version for Android makes instant messaging very easy, almost anywhere. The app also provides a variety of favorable rates (for most locations) on international SMS and texts.


Google Voice


The google giant, didn't seem to forget about this type of communication, giving their fans an app that is easily integrated with the Gmail account and G-chat. Additionally, one may receive an unique Google Voice number. Taking into account unlimited and free group messaging, SMS and text messages, people usually need a trial period before taking any decision, as there are still some bugs to be fixed. A disadvantage would be that the app is US-locked, however, its availability may be widened during 2017-2018, as some rumors say.




Despite arriving into the battle later than Skype or Google Voice, What'sApp quickly climbed among the global leaders in terms of texting. The level of customization that WhatsApp proudly brings on the table (many emoticons, multimedia messages, adding/changing a converstation's wallpaper, editing the title in group messaging and many more) enabled it to be one of the best and most used apps for Android. The economic factors also did not have a negative impact and for less than a dollar/year the What'sApp seems to be something that more and more people use. A small hidrance may be that in order to talk with people through this app, both sides must have it installed, but since it is used by an increasing amount of people, the issue is not such a big one.




Another VoIP app that also allows group chat with 40 people at most, along with the usual texting, is Viber. With the help of a Wi-Fi network, Viber users may benefit from free texting and calls. The app is mostly used for calling but as a nice addition to it, comes the texting capability.




For those who simply want privacy, this Android app may come in handy. The fact that it requires a password to be set before using it, and its capability to encrypt text, makes it very popular among people who don't want their informations, conversations, preferences to be snatched by the “big brother” kind of companies, for more or less ethic reasons. If not for that, simply having their messages spied (by geeky relatives, but not only), or just the thought of it, could be unpleasant for some, which makes TextSecure very useful. Furthermore, the recent disclosures that Edward Snowden made, about the weariness of data security, and the almost non-existent privacy on some “crowded” parts of the internet, must have had an impact in boosting this app's renown. The shock was not big for the larger number of consumers, however, there are also those that always welcome some more security than the mainstream level.


Go on and see for yourself which of these texting/SMS/calling apps, that are available on Android, is more suited for you, instead of dishing out money to your phone operator, for international and local communication. Don't forget to also check our own app: Nalo, that provides reasonable services and efficient ways for you to call international. It can be downloaded for free, from app store and magazine play in just a few seconds and it may be used right away. Additionally, because it requires just a small amount of resources, it won't slow your phone down.