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Ever saw your tablet as a phone?


It could be tricky to bring forth an idea such as using tablets as phones. Mainly, due to how odd it would be to randomly see people around, on the street, in parks, at parties etc., holding objects the size of a small notebook at their heads. Well, this doesn't seem so bad when you are video-calling, as the bigger screen makes it more enjoyable than peeking into the clumsy little visor of a phone, whether it is a smartphone or not. Furthermore, the multitude of possibilities that they provide, seems to be exceeding the battery's capacity, draining its power so quickly that people sometimes have to carry around wires, in order to recharge their phones as they go.

Having to manage and take care of both a phone and a tablet at the same time could also be another bothering issue. So if you need to read/watch/play on a bigger screen, and if there is a mean for your tablet to also take the place of a cell-phone, then it is the chance you can take advantage of. The inconvenience of holding a mini-ballistic shield at your head when talking, can be again bypassed by just using a hands-free set, or a bluetooth earphone, while the tablet is in a bag or handbag.


Auxiliary software for calling from your tablet


Many apps' compatibility makes them suited, or even recommended for your tabled if you want to communicate through them. So here are some of the apps you may take into account when making any kind of calls.

Skype: Starting off just as a platform that would help people call from their PC, Skype managed however to spread it's reach towards other devices, like phones or tablets. It only requires for you to sign up and its ready to go. The way it connects to the networks is by wi-fi or through your 3G or 4G data services and it allows you to either call for free, to any user(s) that also have it installed or by paying when reaching external destinations.

Icall: A software from apple that is easily customizable according to your preferences, through some additional payments and can be aquired for the price of just one dolar minus a cent. This app allows users to call from their iPad and since the main revenue is gained through ads, it can boast itself as self-supporting and somewhat financially stable.

Viber: Is another app to help you call through your tabled just as easy. Using the usual internet sources -wi-fi or data services- this app is ready to connect and call anytime. Also, because it links with the phone number, it can easily identify whoever of your contacts has it installed too, for making free calls.

Nalo: This app is handy and simple, and allows you to call your beloved ones who also have it, for free, via the internet connection. If you want to simply call a landline or a cell phone, it is also possible, by using Nalotel's rates or plans. This way, you're not paying the usual infladed prices that most local phone companies apply. Also it allows video-calling, so you could make use of your tablet's wider screen, and text-messaging for the times when you just feel like telling a lot, but your party is busy or unavailable. Additionally, some other advantage is that it's ads-free, so no annoying pop-ups or randomly appearing banners/videos to disturb your experience while using it.

If you enjoy having around the fun little screen, why not make use of it entirely and extend your communication capability? So you could sometimes get rid of worrying about your phone so much and turn your attention towards the really important things.