Calling international from your iPad

More and more ipads become a trend in communication apparently, as new apps are being adapted and tweaked so they can be used on most devices, so no exception here. Since they seem to be mostly designed for entertainment purpose, and possible business or the productive domain. The wider screen they provide is pretty much holding the advantage of using a smaller notebook, and unless you really need a keyboard (which can be solved by getting a smart-keyboard) there are mostly no differences.

But wait, there's more: ever thought of using only the screen of a laptop to call your beloved ones? It is possible now, as it has been stated already, through all the apps that are swarming the internet. All you have to do is to download one of them and register (or not), and then, you are ready to go. Some of those apps are listed here:


  • Viber – This one's the tool for dodging the classic rates of local phone companies, that are not far from pretty much applying a financial extortion upon their customers, even nowadays, when communication means should be among the last of our worries. Viber is a platform that can be run on ipad as well, and allows VoIP and text messaging.

  • Fring – Along with the usual app-to-app services, it also lets you call those who don't have it installed, by applying the charge according to each destination. Additionally, there is also the group video-calling feature.

  • Skype – What's left to say about this renown brand? Most of us must have already used or heard of it, so we get that it is known worldwide. The services are optimised and pretty much the same as those of the other apps. With Skype, you may call/video-call, use VoIP to reach cellphones/landlines (at the expense of credit or monthly subscriptions) or use its text messaging features, that also supports the media exchange. The quality of non-text communication deppends on your and your party's internet speed,stability etc.

  • Facetime – Needs no further explanations as Facebook made sure to leave its imprint even on this one's name. It simply provides a mean for people to see eachother during their calls, as long as both ends have it installed.

  • Whatsapp – Just another app owned by Facebook, as they bought it some time ago. It lets users benefit of free app-to-app calling to whoever has the app installed. The call quality mainly relies on your internet connection.


A simple alternative


Nalo – Is one of the most handy and simple apps, which allows you to call your beloved ones with ease, right from your smartphone, tablet, ipad etc. as long as you are connected to the internet and since getting 3G and even 4G is easier and easier, there should be no problem. If those you want to reach have it installed as well, you may call them for free, if they don't, you can still use your Nalotel account's credit or a calling plan in order to dial their home phone or cell phone. There is also the video-call and chat option for you to utilize, so it should cover most of your long-distance requirements, in terms of communication.

If you are using an ipad so much, and carrying it around is not a problem, why not take full advantage of it and turn it into something that also helps you keep in touch with your family, friends, etc.