The streets or the internet for calling cards?

The fact that calling cards are still alive and kicking, in times like this, shows how much of a revenue they still generate. Available pretty much everywhere (gas stations, malls, supermarkets, local stores), they let you call international for a price. Still, their monopoly is endangered by the virtual cards, that can be obtained even easier through the internet.

While there are still some risks and trouble that one is exposed to when using one of these, everyone is free to choose as they wish, the consequences, are to be discovered later.


Jump-starting your calling card


For some reason, just when you get a new calling card and try to get it started, you may encounter something silly: some of them might drain a part of their credit just to "awaken" and be ready to do the thing they are supposed to do. So if you buy a card of 50 minutes for $5 and at the first use you meet a $4 credit, it means you already lost twenty percent just for daring to use it, making the rate of 10 cents per minute turn into a 12.5 cents/min rate, detail that you should be warned about.


Not worth to only say hi


There might be times when you only intend to make a call for greeting someone or to pass a quick information, without a necessary need for engaging in a longer conversation, well, some calling cards don't agree with you. Whether you do or do not talk at least 4 minutes, you're getting charged according to that. So a simple case when you just want to congratulate a couple of friends, or send them heads up for something, could turn into a hazardous event for your credit.


Talk less, pay more


Make sure to always check the smaller or illegible text on those, to find out which of the rounding up methods they are using. The 1 minute-rounding is usual by now and it is the minimum applied almost everywhere, but what about three or five minutes? Sounds pricey, but it gets worse: some of them even apply a rounding-up of 8 minutes. Imagine that Katy has a card with 100 mins, she makes 10 quick calls in a day, how many minutes are left? That'll be 20 - out of 100, without all the other taxes, even if she talked less than 8 minutes during those calls.


Do calling cards pay bills?


If they need to get rid of worrying about constant refilling their international calling balance, some people buy expensive calling cards with large amounts of credit, like $100. The problem is, some of them also have monthly fees, which again, makes them less effective and mainly upsetting to utilize.


Avoid such trouble by trying Nalotel


There are many plans and small rates you could benefit of, when using our services so you can get rid of all the hidden fees and ridiculous additions in terms of costs, while keeping it simple and efficient. Most of the services are ready to use within minutes and everything can be done either online, or by phone.

There is also an app that you could use on your Android or iOS devices, it is called Nalo and can be obtained right away from magazine play and app-store. With it you could either call other users for free, or landline/cell-phones by using your credit or calling plan. It also has additional features, such as a chat and the video-calling option.

For those who like to keep it the classic way, good news: you may use the international calling services through your home phone, just with an access code, as your money/credit/minutes are all virtual. Multiple numbers can be registered on the same account so not only you, but your acquaintances or friends could benefit of the same credit, or you could have all of your phones ready for international action.

If you lack the necessary hardware to make international calls, we also could provide you with a VoIP phone, which is ready to go as soon as you connect it to the internet. With it, you don't have to enter the access number, instead, you call directly. Additionally, you get your own private number, which helps you avoid telemarketers.