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Across the borders and back


If you ever needed to call USA from Canada, or the opposite, you might have encountered some unsettlingly prices. That's mostly because many people of the two places, have relatives, friends, acquaintances on the other side, and some providers don't hesitate to take advantage of that.

With Nalotel, you may call between USA and Canada freely, without any worries about huge bills.

Calling international nowadays, shouldn't be a reason of worry, considering all the technological advancements and the communication means that the average human disposes of.


Two childhood friends on a mondial level


It is known across the history how U.S. And Canada pretty much have a tradition of "exchanging" inhabitants. Some statistics show how more than a million of the U.S. Citizens are from Canada and just about a million at most of them work in Canada.

People also pass from Canada to U.S.A. or back. With a relative easiness, and whether is it for traveling, education, entertainment, or a business matter, they still have, in most cases, the need to feel connected somehow with their home, family, etc.


Keep in touch and talk freely, for a cheaper price


Knowing about their needs, the main providers should make it easier for the parted people, by giving them reasonable rates and prices, right? Not really! But contrary: phone companies like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon sell minutes for the overall price of $0.49, rate that can go to 9 cents per minute if the customers chooses an international calling plan of $5-$15, that adds up to the services they already have.

That's why we advice you to try our company: if you are using Nalotel, you may call to Canada from U.S.A or back with much cheaper rates and plans. The pay-per-minute rate is $0.019 and if you choose a calling plan with 500 or 1000 minutes, the price goes even lower, to under one and a half cents per minute. There are also other options and plans you can try, according to your preferences and needs as well.

If you and your party have an easy access to the internet on your devices (wi-fi, 3g, 4g) you may also take advantage of free international calling, using Nalo. It is a free, quick-to-install app, that you can get from magazine play or app store in just a few seconds. With it you may call others that also have it, for free, or those who don't have it, as if you are doing a regular call, by using Nalotel's plans and rates, which are still cheaper than the local phone companies' prices.