Dodge some costs with your wi-fi

Travelers in the past centuries, used to expose themselves to various dangers during their trips, such as thieves, bandits, diseases, the political or economical instability and uncertainty of the many zones they reached, which could lead to them risking to lose any mean of transportation, or even their freedom.

Nowadays, those are out of discussion for most parts of the world, but still, the trouble seem to keep up with the ages: as there are different facilities and possibilities for someone, there are also new openings for unpleasantries or inconvenient details. If someone's happiness revolves around social media, they are "tied" to the internet, so no internet, no happiness for them.

If people want to travel far away, but still need to feel in touch with their family, friends, etc., it is very likely they have met the so-dreaded "roaming prices", which don't cease to demand their not-so-fair share of people's vacation funds.

As for an example, here are some of the average rates of some U.S.A's known providers:




It allows people to call through a global plan, if their smartphone has a data plan from that company. The rates could vary between $0.69 - $2.89, according to the country they are in.




Again, a global plan is available here, in the form of an add-on package,combined with the services or plan you already have from AT&T. About 140 countries are included in this option and it allows you to get 120 MB per month for $30, with the possibility of getting additional increments of 120 MB for the same price. Countries that are not included in this plan receive the cost of $.0195 per KB, which would be $19.5/MB. So, just watching a random video could cost you quite a lot, that, making data usage only worth for text-based apps and media.




With a somewhat spicier price when it comes to individual rates, that can go up to $4.99, Sprint provides the possibility for its customers to call international while roaming, even though the process is not a simple one. Due to some conflicting plans when switching the roaming areas, there have been complaints, not only here but in various situations, concerning the large mobile carriers about huge charges.


Plastic flakes (SIM's) and dull music's trial


Sometimes, in order to actually be able to use your phone when abroad, you'll have to carry another SIM card, detail that opens the door to many worries and trouble with managing and changing the two little plastic pieces. Asian phones, are oftenly equipped with dual-SIM slots, which could help you avoid this issue.

Furthermore, there is the need for you to make changes into your plan/telecom account so the services work while roaming as well. It oftenly requires for you to call their customer service – a place that is most likely crowded with calls, letting you listen the standard waiting tone, only to be welcomed afterwards by a possibly grumpy/tired/stressed operator. As it is mainly a larger companies' inconvenience, and also a matter of timing however, you can still hope for a better experience, especially if you deal with casual companies, like Nalotel, which don't need to account for hundreds of entries per day. Afterwards, even though you got over this trial of patience, you'll still end up with a larger charge to pay for your calls.


Quick and easy way out of large costs' trap


When going abroad, there is a need for mostly anyone to not forget a couple of important things like proper clothing, travel papers, passport, toothbrush, money, random emotionally valuable objects etc... So in this hurry many people forget a detail that could cost them quite a lot: they forget to turn off their data usage. Because of this, any kind of traffic could snowball into huge costs.

To avoid such risks, just connect to a wi-fi network and you're all set, unless you're getting too far away from it.


How to disable data on iphone?


It doesn't matter much what OS version you have, since they all work pretty much the same:

Settings > Mobile networks > Data Roaming ON/OFF


Or, on Android?


And same statement for Android devices:

Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Mobile networks > (battery & data manager) > Data delivery > Uncheck the data roaming option

Taking care of this last thing will let no automatic-updates and random data ussage of your apps to gnaw at your walled by raising your phone bill.