How do international calling cards work?


For those times when someone has to make an international call, there's a possibility: the calling card. There are however some other options just as well, especially now, when the smartphone industry is blooming. It is known how hard is to deal with them sometimes as there are various annoyances regarding costs or the quality, but overall they are an accessible way for calling international.

Some of the main features


Statistics show that in a year, there are 6.2 billion international calls and the calling cards have already taken half of that amount. Many reasons contributed to this, such as the technological boom, the opening of the borders as well as the possibilities for people to travel as they wish, making such an increasing demand for international calling services.

If people are not careful however, they might risk having some trouble or maybe a bad time when dealing with calling cards:

  • hidden fees that are only mentioned in a small, almost invisible writing

  • PINs and access numbers that don't work

  • unreliant/busy/disconnecting services

  • dishonest display of the actual rates

  • strange industrial-machine-like taxes, such as: "maintenance", "starting" and "ending" fees

  • valability that wears off qucikly

  • buzzing, poor quality, frequent call drops

  • check in/daily charges

  • cases when calls don't go through, yet charges still apply


Those kind of trouble might have been common in the past, when there were not so many means for acquiring information, but now, things have changed a little: the internet seems to be a free domain where comunities gather and discuss things, as well as sharing their points of view and the various discoveries. So even in this case, the many forums, and review sources can help you pick the best services and even get more or less detailed info about people's experiences and possible trouble that they had along the way.


The alternative that Nalotel provides


The services provided by Nalotel are pretty much similar to what calling cards have, but with less taxes, no hidden fees, and less to none risks of unpleasant experiences. Of course, there are many other services that you could choose from, such as: Aitelephone, United Wold Telecom, Buzport, etc. It's only up to you, to try these services and see for yourself which is the best suited.

With Nalotel, the services that you could benefit of can be easily customized according to your needs or preferences. Whether you call just on special occasions or need to have a constant connectiong with your family or friends, there should be something available for you to try.

In terms of costs, as it has been already stated, there are no abusive or hidden fees, so that reason of worry is out of discussion, and for most countries, Nalotel has competitive rates, which are far smaller than the average walmart calling card.

There is also an app, which you can get from magazine play (for Android) or app store(for iphones), which only needs an internet connection, and it is ready to go, allowing you free app-to-app calling or a direct mean to dial from your phone/tablet/ipad and even PC.