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Apps for PC texting


If those living a few centuries ago would see us like this, furiously tapping and rubbing at some slim, shiny rocks while making different gestures or all kinds of faces; they would most likely be very amused, or scared. It seems to be normal nowadays though, since we grew along with it, and the new generations are getting more and more into it. The possibilities brought along are definitely of an outstanding level and as most would agree, they seem to make our lives easier.

A big part of internet communication was texting: it followed right away, during the early beginning of computers' developement, when MSN and Yahoo Messenger used to thrive; and moved along as new devices appeared, remaining still, one of the most prefered ways to comunicate and/or exchange information.

It all apepared to move from computers to phones, yet, the bateries can't always keep up with the demand. So, for cases when the conversation simply must go on, but your phone batery doesn't agree, there there is still the possibility to take it to the PC.

For texting, there are countless apps, that are now available on all kinds of devices, allowing someone to even send a letter/documents/text from a handwatch. Most of them work only between users, while with some others, SMS or text messages can be sent without the need for the receiver to have the app as well.


Some of those apps are listed here:


-BrowserTexting – is an app for PC that can sync with an Android or iphone. It pretty much simulates a cell-phone system in order to make SMS communication available from a PC browser. In terms of costs, the ones from your service provider are applied.

-EasySMS – this one's price goes around $3 and it enables the texting through bluetooth, USB and wifi. The pricing is again, based on your provider's plan for SMS and in order to make use of that, you need to sync it with your phone.

-MightyText – another app, which uses the same method of sync-ing the PC with a phone, so you can do text messaging. Since it uses your current phone number, and the actual phone to make the route, the payment is also in accordance to the normal charges from your phone carrier.


Handy advantages


While you have these apps installed on your PC as well, you could avoid the effort of looking for your phone whenever you need to send a message. Instead, if you are constantly working with a pc, just opening a window to use it, can even be quicker, and allows a more detailed or elaborate messaging experience, due to the PC keyboard, which is easier to use. It will also appear as if you are messaging from a phone: Android, iphone or windows phone.