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The top 10 cheapest places to call? Here's the opposite


The prices for calling international can vary, from a location to another. Usually, places that are separate from Europe and USA are more expensive to call to. It may be due to political or geographical reasons. Either way, in most cases, the price also falls on customer's shoulders.


Some statistic data is listed below, in order to show the costs to call those locations. Details about it may change or may have already changed, since the moment of survey, so the list only acts as an indicative factor, rather than a determined one.


VoIP however, is a bit cheaper, so if you consider apps like Skype, Tango, Nalo, etc, it could still be helpful for an aproximative comparison between the prices.

*again, statistic data may be subject to changes

  • North Korea ($2.49 from both Sprint and Verizon) Considering their foreign policies, and the fact that locals have access to a separate network, that isn't linked with the one available for visitors, the prices are in accordance. Other external taxes along with the prices in the country, also contribute to the overall big international rates.
  • Madagascar ($2.29 for Sprint and 2.38 for Verizon) The costs to call there are already pretty big, so the top phone companies, just help themselves by placing the prices on costomers' shoulders, whether it is fair or not.
  • Comoros ($2.07 for Sprint and Verizon) Heavy taxes again, meaning heavier costs for international calling, and since it's not something important enough to be noticed by many, pointed out and changed, it stays with those few that need to call there.
  • Chad ( Sprint - $2.11, Verizon 1.99) - Calls into this country are taxed piquantly, so, naturally: it is reflected on customers' bill.
  • Guinea-Bissau ( Sprint $1.82, Verizon $1.85) – Not much sympathy on the phone companies, and it is showed through the taxing. Calling here, again, is not cheap.
  • Laos (Sprint $1.49, Verizon $1.52) – Wanna call here? The taxes tell you that you should rather pay a visit.
  • Vanuatu (the prices don't budge a cent between the two companies so it is $1.49 for both Sprint and Verizon) – The lovely islands from Oceania's waters are simply asking for a trip, since a voice feedback doesn't seem to be enough for transmiting the visual richness of the landscapes.
  • Tuvalu ( choosing between the two companies here is just a matter of flipping a coin, since the price is $1.49 from Sprint and Verizon) – Heavy taxes on the phone companies, equals heavy prices for customers, no exception here.
  • Nauru ( $1.38 for Sprint and $1.49 for Verizon) – Slight loss of pressure, in terms of a few cents, made here by Sprint, which is not much, in raport with the overall big price, but still, it brings a small feeling of competition.
  • Cuba (was there a mention about competition? Forget it, just flip that coin to choose between the $1.19 of Sprint and the $1.19 of Verizon) Bearing the fate of the Roman empire, to a certain extent, Cuba's economy fluctuated quite a bit, and so, there are the communication prices as well, as a result. Rumors however, mention about the potential economic growth in the future, which could lead to some decreases in terms of pricing.


Whether you are dodging jaguars and moskitoes in some dangerous jungle, or you are relaxing on a golden-sand beach in the Pacific Ocean's isles, as long as there is an internet connection for you to cling to, you can use Nalotel's rates for international calling. Those are smaller than the regular prices of the large companies, so you can redirect a bit more funding to your trips. With Nalo app, which you can easily download from magazine play or app store, you can reach both landlines and mobile phones. There's also the chat and the video-call options for you to take advantage of, for the various situations that simply can not be described.