Free calls through internet


Think of all the uses that the internet can have, especially now, when so many pieces of hardware are supporting it. Along the fact that we can just "program" our lives into an alternative environment: online, so we can make use of the available tools, we can also use this web network to communicate, more or less efficiently. Since the internet has a much wider availability and it is cheaper (or even free), the calls made through Voice over IP are also cheaper and can be free as long as you have an unlimited internet subscription or at least a decent amount of data or some other connectivity means, such as wi-fi networks.


VoIP's gaining territory


If all people were the same, this world would be pretty boring and maybe sadder too. That's why, as everything diversifies around us, new demands and needs emerge as well, some being more or less justified, others even tending towards the absurd. Domains with high expansion potential, such as the telecom industry, are usually among the "juiciest" of the targets, as they can generate and fuel various types of issues, limited only by customers' imagination. Taking that into account, logic becomes an optional factor and so, all kind of trouble starts to appear: conflicts, groundless expectations and silly kind of questions, such as: Does VoIP work if my battery is dead? Does VoIP work if I dropped my phone into a volcano? Does VoIP work if my neighbor keeps stealing my garden gnomes/decorations? Can VoIP cure world hunger? The answer for those is no, yet for many other questions regarding VoIP and its reliance, availability and low costs, it could be yes.

Usual phone calls require to be routed and sent through some nodes, relays, satelites, etc. which is not the cheapest, especially if the calls need to be sent on long distances, such as: over the oceans or from a country to another. Through the internet, it is different – so, much cheaper, so the costs are cut down as well.


Services on low maintenance


By now, pretty much everyone has an internet subscription of some kind, and with the opening that phone companies made as well, through the new services that also provide fast internet, being able to connect to the global network is no longer a difficulty, but it has actually became a common facility.

Because of that, many apps have been and are still being designed so they just go in tandem with it. For example, skype allows the calling to many other destinations, whether they are landline or mobile phones, for certain costs. The calls between its users are free.

It is very well known and many people are using it to keep in touch, mostly via PC, but mobile phones are catching up as well.

There are different cases when someone would have multiple communication apps installed, for example, WhatsApp, Tango, Nalo, Facebook and Skype, all on the same phone, in order to keep in touch with a group of acquaintances, friends, coleagues, etc., and also to cut down the costs for international calling a little.


Nalotel, provides simple alternatives


For any of the needs you may have in terms of international or long distance, or even local calling, there should be a service suited for you, provided by Nalotel.

One of them could be the app, called Nalo that offers the possibility to call via the internet, which allows free app-to-app calling, just as the others and per-minute charges for the other calls, or a monthly calling plan.