Military calling cards


War is a reality that still lingers nowadays, into certain parts of the world. While the main parts of it have been excluded from the modern society, or at least it seems so, there are still countries and places that are still shaken by this destructive phenomenon. Because of this, some countiries are seemingly sending their aid, meaning that they get to try and help the warring areas, at the cost of exposing their own soldiers to different risks, in dangerous environments, while also sending them away from their beloved ones.

Because of this, the appreciation for those who volunteer themselves, or who are doing their service into the army, does not cease to appear, ranging from different prizes, medals, ranks and social advantages, in compensation to the hard duty that they are doing or have already done. Military calling cards are among the small facilities, to help them while being far away from home.


Features and usage of the military calling cards


Different options are available from different sources, and it is all up to everyone to choose what is best suited for them. There can also be some tricky details about the military calling cards that you should consider:

  • If you buy the calling cards online, there are chances you get a better price, in comparison with those sold in stores, malls, etc.

  • A calling card that is commonly available in military bases' vending machines, at the USO Centers and online through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, is the type sold by AT&T, the Global Prepaid card.

  • There is also the risk of meeting huge charge gaps, as the rates for various cards, can fluctuate depending on the phone type you are calling from, so make sure to check that as well. That is not the case with Nalotel however, as the military calling cards provided have rates that vary only according to the type of phone you call to, not the phone you call from.

  • Minute-rounding is still a practice even here, so just make sure to check it carefully as it can exceed the standard value of 1 minute.

  • Another type of fee, the charge-per-use, can again drain from your calling credit, so in this case, an alternative could be to buy a couple of disposal smaller cards, so they can be used in one go.


Something else than calling cards


Here's where VoIP comes into the discussion again. Making use of it through various apps, like Skype, Nalo, magicApp, MizuDroid, Signal Private Messenger, Whats app, Google Voice, Tango and so on, can be a way to keep in touch. With most of those, not only talking but also seeing eachother is possible, which can add a little bit more to the good feeling of hearing from family and friends, back home.


Military calling cards from Nalotel


If you buy a Nalotel military calling card you can benefit of competitive rates and some more features that the usual calling cards might not have. Some of them are:

  • pin-less dial

  • callback services

  • possibility to refill online in just a few minutes

  • prepaid services, which exclude the risk of huge bills if you get carried away while calling the more costly destinations.

Also through your account you can set up a speed dial for up to 10 numbers, and check your call history as well.

It is really easy to get started with Nalotel, and as soon as you are done, you can make use of all the features and services available, according to your own needs and preferences.