Cuba – not the cheapest place to call, but still there are some ways


If you got some friends back home, or need to replenish your supply of Cuban cigars, or simply, need to make a call to Cuba, for any other reason, and you also have an iphone, or Android phone, things can get much easier. There are different means out there about how you could make international calls, so, despite Cuba not being the cheapest country to call, there are still ways to cut down the costs, even to the point where you can call for free, by using the internet.


Using smartphones as normal phones


For the most basic type of calls, when using Android phones or iphones, all someone has to do is to get some kind of calling plan or service, from their phone carrier, if they intend to call Cuba, or any other country. Even though, for most countries, the prices provided from carriers such as AT&T or Verizon, should be decent, in this case, the tarifs applied can get really spicy. There are openings however, for economic improvement in the future, so that could mean better prices as well.

While the standard prices can get really high, as long as you got access to the app store or the magazine play, there's still the possibility to make use of some apps, which are much cheaper to get and use, or even free, Nalo for example.


Or, using smartphones as smartphones


The facilities that the app store and magazine play brings on the table, start to cover a wider and wider range of needs each day, through all the apps that are developed and revamped. Apps for everything, and everyone, there are even apps for making or finding new apps, as well as those countless functional apps, like smart watch, smart-graph, smart eat-your-veggies (ref. to all the eat-healthy-and-exercise apps) and so on. So, no doubts, that the apps for calling, are there as well, and are numerous. Here are some of them:

-Skype is a VoIP calling app, which doesn't only work on PC, but also has versions compatible with other types of operating systems: Android, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, iOS, HoloLens, etc.

-Nalo is the app from Nalotel, easy to download and easy to use, ready to go as soon as configured. With this app you can dial both landline and mobile numbers, by using Nalotel's rates, and you can call to any location, from anywhere, as soon as there is a wi-fi connection available.

-Google Voice – one of the contributions tha Google brought in the app domain. The calls made with it can be cheap, yet, the rates for Cuba are still expensive. Some feedback from the iphone app store also mentions dropped calls or poor connection, but it can depend on many factors, and still, a consistent amount is required to be reviewed in order to make a solid point on that. It is all up to the users whether they want to try it or not, or even just test it for a while.


Using Nalo app to call Cuba


For those who want to avoid being stuck with an expensice calling plan from their local provider, or with tricky rates from most calling cards, Nalotel provides competitive rates, which can be accessed from anywhere, if using Nalo. Here are some benefits of using this app:

  • If connected to wifi, one could call from anywhere, without the need of entering any pin number or access code. All they need to enter is the country code and the number they want to call.

  • The contact list can be imported.

  • No hidden or any kind of other silly fees, such as that ones for: maintenance, hung up, dial, activation, connection, etc.

  • Possibility of video-calling.


Overall, this app is a simple way of calling when travelling, or just in the daily routine, to help anyone make use of the services that Nalotel provides.