Traveling to Romania

Traveling to Romania


When it comes to traveling, one of the most important aspects to consider is communication.

Before you travel to Romania, here are a few things you need to do if you are planning to take your mobile with you.

  • ask your provider if your mobile phone is compatible with the European network

  • check with your provider if the phone is unlocked; that means your device can work even if you replace the sim card

  • consider the roaming fees for calls and data and make sure you have reliable alternatives


Instead of paying for roaming, keep in mind there is always the option to buy a prepaid Romanian sim card with local number, just for temporary usage.

Using a  Romanian sim card will save you an important amount of money because it allows you to make calls, send text messages and use data at a fair price.

Prepaid sim plans start at $2.3 and you can check the offers online.

Here are the main carriers in Romania:

  • Orange -
  • Vodafone -
  • Digi -
  • Telekom -

Buying prepaid sim cards is easy, they are available in provider shops or independent sellers (ex. newspaper kiosks).

Nalo call forwarding is a very useful service when you travel.

Nalotel can provide you a local number.

It can be forwarded to your prepaid sim card number, so your friends and family from USA can call you and pay for a local call instead of international charges.

The call will follow you anywhere in the world.


Calling within Romania

In order to reach a landline in Bucharest, all you have to do is dial 0+21 (or 31) + seven digit number.

If you are trying to reach a landline outside Bucharest, you must dial 0+city code (3 digits) +phone number (6 digits)

Calling a cell phone means you have to dial 0+ three digit mobile prefix (7xx) +phone number (6 digits)


Calling from Romania

In order to  call abroad, dial 00+ country code where you want to call+area code +phone number.

For example, calling from  Romania to USA or Canada means you have to dial 001+area code +phone number.


Even if you decide not to use your mobile phone for calls, you can always use it as a wi-fi device.

Wi-fi is available in hotels, malls, restaurants, train stations, buses.

In this case, a smart alternative is the Nalo Application.

Nalo App is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it works with wi-fi connection and it can help you call directly to and from anywhere in the world.