Apps for calling cards


Whether you just bought 5 new calling cards for a future use, or you just need to manage the collection of those you already used, there are different solutions. The classic one is paper; whether it is from an agenda or a bunch of paperwork kept together somehow, anyone can safely store information this way, no matter if it is random junk or important things that would be needed later. So, keeping all the calling cards' info randomly tucked and folded somewhere between scribble and books, is nothing new. Another option would be to rely on technology, which seems to be easier and slightly less likely to become a mess.


The apps for organizing your calling cards


Some things just can not be replaced, mimicked or simulated in any way, but for anything else, there may be an app, no exception for sorting out and managing the calling cards.

When calling abroad you may need a calling card. If you got more of them you might as well need a way to manage and store them so, there could be a software that you can try, to sort out your stuff.

One of the apps that you can get for iphone, is Calling Card Organizer. The price in app store is $4.99 and it lets you store and sort your calling cards' info, along with whatever else is needed – PINs or passwords. It also lets you manage contacts and make different links, so you know which card is needed for which of your numbers. For additional details about the efficiency and possibilities, you can check app's reviews and comments.

Some other app is World Access Auto-Dialer, and it is available in iphone's app store. It can register and automatically dial the access codes, taking this task off the user's knuckles, and it also doesn't need any PIN or card numbers. There is, however, the limitation that one could only use a certain type of calling cards, supported by the app, and it also doesn't allow wi-fi calling.

If that's what you're looking for, there are some more apps out there on the internet, each with their own updates and bugfixes, which can be found by doing a bit of searching.


Try some of the virtual calling cards, or calling-card-apps, over the normal calling cards


There are a couple of apps and services, that let you buy credit or a plan online, so you can use it as a calling card, without the need of actually purchasing one. Nalotel for example, can provide both calling card services or plans for calling international, along with some other features. There is also Nalo, which lets users call directly, by using their credit or plan, without the need to dial the access code or to enter a PIN number.

TEL3 – just another similar app, for calling international or just domestically with decent rates. Whether you are using android or an iphone, you may download it from google play or app store respectively, for free. Depending on the amount recharged, there are bonuses applied as well, increasing along with the payment.

Pennytalk – mostly targeting United States' userbase, this virtual calling card service also has apps available on Blackberry, Android and iPhones. The services can be used on a dial pad, phone, or via app. The rates mainly depend on the location you are calling, and even though they are seemingly competitive, changes without notice may also occur.

If you are trying to find a proper service or app, you can also give Nalotel a try. The app is reliable and lets you make use of your available service or credit from anywhere, if you connect to wi-fi. Furthermore, if you want to videocall or a chat service is more suited for you, these are also available, and due to your calling card services being linked to an account, which you can access online, it also gives you the possibility to manage your speed dial list, or check the call history, along with some other features.