How to call Uzbekistan from the US


There are a few simple steps to call Uzbekistan from the United States.

1. Dial the exit US code: 011

2. Dial the Uzbekistan country code: 998

3. Dial the area code (see the list of area codes below)

3. Dial the local 7-digit phone number you want to reach

4. Press the call button.


To call easier , when you save Uzbekistan contacts in your phone, you can include the country code and area code as part of their number. That way you don’t have to bother with looking it up every time you want to make a call.

For example : 011.998.65.123.4567


Nalotel, an easy and cheap way to call from US to Uzbekistan.

Nalotel has a few different calling plans to call Uzbekistan from US, depending on your needs.

You decide how many minutes you are talking, how often, and then you choose which calling plan is more useful for you. For example, you can choose a  monthly plan with 200, 500, 1000 minutes to landline Uzbekistan or  unlimited calls with bunch of minutes to landline and special rates to cell phone Uzbekistan.

We can also provide personalized calling plans for you.You can also choose to pay per minute for very low rates. And as a bonus, Nalotel gives you $1,5 free trial at registering.

Best part of using Nalotel is that you don't need to change anything, and you don't need any contract. You can register online or by calling customer service.

Nalotel has 2 ways to call:

1. Acces code . All you have to do is call a Local acces code / Toll free number , and then call the number you want to reach.

For example : call toll free number, wait a few seconds untill you hear the answering machine and then dial your number 011.998.65.123.4567.

2. NALO App. Nalotel has also a FREE application for Android or iOS phones. If you are using Nalo App, you do not need to call Local access code or Toll Free number . Simply open Nalo App, sign in, and dial from there your number you want to reach ( with US exit code , country code and area code ). MORE than this , you can make FREE calls from Nalo App to another phone with Nalo App installed.

For more details you can check


List of Uzbekistan area codes.

Country code for Uzbekistan is 998.

The Area codes for Uzbekistan are:

*Andijan -74

*Bukhara -65

*Chirchik -7071

*Djizak -72

*Fergana -73

*Guliston -672

*Karakalpakia -61

*Karshi -752

*Kashkadarya Province -75

*Khiva -6222

*Khorezm -62

*Namangan -692

*Navoi -79

*Nukus -61

*Samarkand -662

*Shakhrisabz -7552

*Surkhandarya Province -76

*Syrdarya -67

*Tashkent -71

*Termez -7622

*Urgench -62