Romania votes for / against same-sex marriage.


Romanians are set to vote in a referendum on 6/7 october 2018 to change or to keep the definition of the family.

At the present the Romanian Constitution defines the family as the free-willed marriage between spouses, but this referendum wants to amend it to state that a family is the union between a MAN and a WOMAN.

This amendament is supported by the most of romanians , politicians and a lot of religious groups, but is opposed by the President Klaus Iohannis and " Save Romania Union "

In present, more than 1.5 million Romanians are settled in America.This is the moment for romanians from America, to fight against same-sex marriage . convince your families in Romania to vote, and save the Romanian next generations. How many of you want to have two dads, or two moms ? More countries allready banned same-sex marriage. it's time for Romania to do the same.

You can call in Romania, and talk with your families about this. You can support your idea against same-sex marriage, your family can support your idea. Save romanian kids. Now it is easier and cheaper then ever to call your family in Romania.

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Are you Pro or Contra same-sex marriage ? But your family ?

Don't waste time! You and your family can save Romanian next generation.