8 reasons to call international


Getting in touch with your relatives at home


If there is someone you left back at home, there should always be reasons to call them back (birthdays, holidays, certain important events, businesses, etc.) at least on some occasions, if not periodically. There is also the possibility of keeping in touch via e-mail, postcards, mail and so on, but it is all up to everyone's preferences, as every method may have its own particularities, which may appeal more to some, while generating restraints for others.


Learning new things


This could include mostly anything: different people, countries, cultures or just random knowledge that you can attain from interacting with foreigners. Since various cultures can hold a rich informational heritage, talking with those people may give someone a small peek or even a deeper insight into a completely new lifestyle.

As this happens, they could even adopt certain elements in order to make improvements for themselves. For example, a person living in an intensively urbanized area, with a stressful environment around them, that not only covers their worktime, but even the spreads towards the free time, could learn life changing tricks from a more relaxed type of person who lives in the countryside. Or a person who is new to some kind of profession, but wishes to pursue it, such as becoming a chef, or a professional diver, or even an astronaut; could get in touch with some "veterans" of such occupations, and learn valuable tips and tricks, that they may hardly obtain from other sources.


Planning better trips


Along with other advantages, knowing people in foreign countries could be a huge perk when planning to visit those places. Since locals are the ones who know most information about a certain area, such as local legends, folklore, different "secrets" or places to visit, that are not much known, or listed through the touristic brochures.

So, as a first reason, the locals' knowledge they already have, could prove so valuable, as it could help visitors pick better places to visit, with much more accuracy, while also keeping it in accordance with their preferences.

A second reason could be accomodation, as the locals could point out suited places to stay overnight, or even host the visitors at their own residence.


Avoid unpleasant situations


When travelling international, a person may expose themselves to a set of unpleasantries affiliated with this kind of endeavor. Of course, it all depends un many factors, and while some trouble are not so common, and with a lesser and lesser possibility of happening, such as various conveyance malfuctions, hijacking or the unplanned intersection with natural disasters; others are not as severe, but may happen more frequently.

Some, could be completely excluded, while for others, the risk of happening could be lowered. A main example could be someone that would want to visit a tropical island, and before checking the long term weather forecast, they would make all the preparations, and end up arriving in the middle of a monsoon season. But, if they would have previously talked with a relative who is living there, they could learn in advance about the weather and could set a better time for their trip.

Another example is when those who travel do not speak the local language, and the travel agency did not provide accomodation as well, so they need to find a place to stay. So, even if they are not hosted by a local, they could still learn about cheaper or better places, after they have talked to someone in advance.


Sustain friendships


If you managed to make some friends during your trips in other countries, you might want to keep those friendships lit and burning. For that, giving them a call from time to time, on their birthday or just for a random reason, could just keep things going.


Manage non-profit establishements


Some people simply need to fight for something, or else they start fighting other people, some of whom, never did anything to them in the first place. So, fighting for the various species that are on the brink of extiction, or for the fact that the world is not what it used to be 400 years ago, or just for any other random reason that they could think of; seems to be such an easy task for someone to do nowadays. There are plenty of tools: the internet, the possibility of writing books and blogs, even the mass media in some cases, and if they plan to make it serious, with a little bit of effort, they could even start their own non-profit or non governmental organizations in order to sustain that cause.

In many cases, there also comes the requirement of traveling, so, keeping a steady connection while still being away, would virtually shorten the physical distance and allow for a proper management while still being away.

At times, even some events may take place, and for the case when an international organization is planning to actuate something, in more than one country, throgh their brances, proper communication is a must.


Establish or maintain standard business


Have you got a bakery in most major cities of Europe? Or did you manage to start a blooming business in the vast domain of electronics? Or perhaps you are thinking of valorifying the energy produced by pedestrians stomping on the sideways, through a new green(or brown, or black, or whichever color their shoes are) type of project, which may seem a little controversial, but is surely to have its aport of alternative power, at least on long term? For any business idea you may get, this resourceful world may have an answer: it could be positive or negative, but you have to make it work in your favor.

So, even if one country may not seem as a proper place to start, an university in another might be interested in kickstarting your project, or the people in another may be more receptive to the products you are selling. Either way, even if you are not there, you can just keep in touch with your associates and keep things going.

International calling services are available from so many sources, and all you have to do is pick one, or more.


Make some exotic shopping


Of course, most things nowadays can be bought with just a few clicks on the internet, and delivered across the globe with so much ease. But for some other things, a call or two may be required. For example, if you want to buy snake venom, for medicinal purposes, from a trusted producer in Peru, while he is not "online" or connected do an accessible, modern network. So, in order to reach them, you need to call that village's only phone, which belongs to the mayor/chief, so you can get in touch with the seller.

Some people even enjoy owning more unusual pets, such as tigers, or bears, but for obtaining, training and keeping one, internet or the conventional means of shopping may not help very much. So again, a call to some middle-eastern, or asian merchants could help in that matter.

The list may go even further, from hand-crafted fishing/hunting gear to shady artifacts obtained from some old ruins, deep in the jungle, which may draw some collectors' attention, either way, some calls might be required


Easy to start and accessible services


For any type of calls you may need to make across the world, Nalotel could provide you with reliant means for you make use of.

In order to start a call, you could either use the standard services, which only require an access code before the destination.

  • How to call with access code:

- dial the access code [the format should be (1)-222-333-4444]

- 011 (exit code used when calling from USA or Canada and some other countries to the other locations) or 1 when you are calling in/between USA or Canada

- country code

- the number you wish to call

  • How to call with Nalo:

- download it from your app store/magazine play

- login with the username and password received

The easiest would be to call our customer service for support, and your app could be ready to call within a few minutes.