International Calling Cards


    If you want to call from USA, to any other country, Nalotel is your best choice. You have 2 options here: Online account, and Calling cards.

    Nalotel Calling Card - you can buy online one of these calling cards ( from Amazon for example). After you bought one ( or more )  you will receive a Local acces number and a PIN number, which allow you to call international.

Why choose a calling card? These are a few of many reasons:
-Simple and fastest then ever ( ou receive an email with E-Calling card in less  then 30 minutes after you order it )
-No need to change phone company
-You don't need any special Sim card
-You can refill your calling card
-You can ask for PINless dialing
-No hiden fees
-Never expire

How to call ?

 1 Dial the acces code 1.***.***.****
 2 Dial the Pin number
 3 Dial country code + number

That's all. Enjoy Nalotel's calling services.