Romania, Dracula's home


   We all heard about Dracula. Everyone knows he's a vampire. In present are a lot of movies, stories, photos with Dracula as a vapire. many of you know the true side about him?  that he really existed and in fact he wasn't a vampire?
      His real name was Vlad Tepes, and he was the Voivode of  Wallachia in 1448, and his famous name Dracula, came from the nickname  Vlad " Dracul " which was given for being a member of " Dragon's Order". But he had a few characteristics that makes everyone think he is a vampire, he also had a hudge lust of blood and he adopted the method of impaling criminals and enemies. Dracula is literally translated in Gaelic as Drac Ullah meaning bad blood. His castel is named " Bran Castle " and it can be found in  Bran Town, Brasov county, Romania. Bran Castle is built on a cliff, at a key strategic point. If you want you can search on Google about Dracula and his castel, but you can also call to Romania to find out more right from the people who lives close to the Castle, or if you want to visit  Dracula's home, and make a reservation at a hotel there. Because now it is easier then ever to call international. With Nalotel you can call Romania with very very low rates. and all you need is an acces code provided by Nalotel.

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Just think about visiting Dracula's home, would not be nice ?