Make any calls to Cuba directly from your PC


It is understandable that sometimes, it is much easier to call from the PC, especially if there is a possibility for that, or if some kind of work needs to be done, which usually keeps both hands busy. With some headphones and a microphone, and the proper software, one could easily call almost anywhere nowadays, and Cuba is not an exception. While most local phone companies provide huge rates to call there, and the other smaller companies need to also keep them pumped up due to economic reasons, making a call through VoIP can get much cheaper.


Calling Cuba with a desktop app


There are many apps, like Skype, which could help someone make easy calls from their PC, even if they don't have a credit. In this case, to call from Skype to a landline or cellphone, you need to have some money into the balance, and in order to call Cuba, as much as an average conversation, one would need a credit of $5-10, since the rate is 82.6 cents/minute. Needless to say that skype is free of charge when calling app-to-app, but not only, text messages or video chat is also available.

Another app which you could try, is Nalo. Just as Skype, it can let the users video call, or sent messages, as well as make any calls, anywhere, by using Nalotel's competitive rates. App-to-app services are free as well. Nalo is available in the magazine play or app store, for Android phones and iphones respectively. Another software, specially designed for Linux, Windows and Mac computers, can be downloaded just as easy, from Nalotel's website:, and it can be installed in just a few minutes.

Google Voice could also be taken into account when planning to dial abroad, even though the rate per minute is 98 cents. All the reputation gathered throughout the years however, seems to inspire both trust, and high expectations, since normally, the clients wouldn't settle for something below average. So even though a progress could be very nicely received by the large user base, the critics are also on guard for any mistakes or trouble, that could immediately lit the fuse.

Traveling to Romania

Traveling to Romania


When it comes to traveling, one of the most important aspects to consider is communication.

Before you travel to Romania, here are a few things you need to do if you are planning to take your mobile with you.

  • ask your provider if your mobile phone is compatible with the European network

  • check with your provider if the phone is unlocked; that means your device can work even if you replace the sim card

  • consider the roaming fees for calls and data and make sure you have reliable alternatives


Instead of paying for roaming, keep in mind there is always the option to buy a prepaid Romanian sim card with local number, just for temporary usage.

Using a  Romanian sim card will save you an important amount of money because it allows you to make calls, send text messages and use data at a fair price.

Prepaid sim plans start at $2.3 and you can check the offers online.

Here are the main carriers in Romania:

  • Orange -
  • Vodafone -
  • Digi -
  • Telekom -

Buying prepaid sim cards is easy, they are available in provider shops or independent sellers (ex. newspaper kiosks).

Nalo call forwarding is a very useful service when you travel.

Nalotel can provide you a local number.

It can be forwarded to your prepaid sim card number, so your friends and family from USA can call you and pay for a local call instead of international charges.

The call will follow you anywhere in the world.


Calling within Romania

In order to reach a landline in Bucharest, all you have to do is dial 0+21 (or 31) + seven digit number.

If you are trying to reach a landline outside Bucharest, you must dial 0+city code (3 digits) +phone number (6 digits)

Calling a cell phone means you have to dial 0+ three digit mobile prefix (7xx) +phone number (6 digits)


Calling from Romania

In order to  call abroad, dial 00+ country code where you want to call+area code +phone number.

For example, calling from  Romania to USA or Canada means you have to dial 001+area code +phone number.


Even if you decide not to use your mobile phone for calls, you can always use it as a wi-fi device.

Wi-fi is available in hotels, malls, restaurants, train stations, buses.

In this case, a smart alternative is the Nalo Application.

Nalo App is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it works with wi-fi connection and it can help you call directly to and from anywhere in the world.

Cuba – not the cheapest place to call, but still there are some ways


If you got some friends back home, or need to replenish your supply of Cuban cigars, or simply, need to make a call to Cuba, for any other reason, and you also have an iphone, or Android phone, things can get much easier. There are different means out there about how you could make international calls, so, despite Cuba not being the cheapest country to call, there are still ways to cut down the costs, even to the point where you can call for free, by using the internet.


Using smartphones as normal phones


For the most basic type of calls, when using Android phones or iphones, all someone has to do is to get some kind of calling plan or service, from their phone carrier, if they intend to call Cuba, or any other country. Even though, for most countries, the prices provided from carriers such as AT&T or Verizon, should be decent, in this case, the tarifs applied can get really spicy. There are openings however, for economic improvement in the future, so that could mean better prices as well.

While the standard prices can get really high, as long as you got access to the app store or the magazine play, there's still the possibility to make use of some apps, which are much cheaper to get and use, or even free, Nalo for example.


Or, using smartphones as smartphones


The facilities that the app store and magazine play brings on the table, start to cover a wider and wider range of needs each day, through all the apps that are developed and revamped. Apps for everything, and everyone, there are even apps for making or finding new apps, as well as those countless functional apps, like smart watch, smart-graph, smart eat-your-veggies (ref. to all the eat-healthy-and-exercise apps) and so on. So, no doubts, that the apps for calling, are there as well, and are numerous. Here are some of them:

-Skype is a VoIP calling app, which doesn't only work on PC, but also has versions compatible with other types of operating systems: Android, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, iOS, HoloLens, etc.

-Nalo is the app from Nalotel, easy to download and easy to use, ready to go as soon as configured. With this app you can dial both landline and mobile numbers, by using Nalotel's rates, and you can call to any location, from anywhere, as soon as there is a wi-fi connection available.

-Google Voice – one of the contributions tha Google brought in the app domain. The calls made with it can be cheap, yet, the rates for Cuba are still expensive. Some feedback from the iphone app store also mentions dropped calls or poor connection, but it can depend on many factors, and still, a consistent amount is required to be reviewed in order to make a solid point on that. It is all up to the users whether they want to try it or not, or even just test it for a while.


Using Nalo app to call Cuba


For those who want to avoid being stuck with an expensice calling plan from their local provider, or with tricky rates from most calling cards, Nalotel provides competitive rates, which can be accessed from anywhere, if using Nalo. Here are some benefits of using this app:

  • If connected to wifi, one could call from anywhere, without the need of entering any pin number or access code. All they need to enter is the country code and the number they want to call.

  • The contact list can be imported.

  • No hidden or any kind of other silly fees, such as that ones for: maintenance, hung up, dial, activation, connection, etc.

  • Possibility of video-calling.


Overall, this app is a simple way of calling when travelling, or just in the daily routine, to help anyone make use of the services that Nalotel provides.

Got some Middle Eastern nostalgy? Try making a call there

Middle East is a place of many wonders, but still, many people seem to be fleeting towards the West, due to various reasons. Because of that, when stationed in foreign countries, among many strangers and only few peers or friends, there comes this longing for the homelands, or an existing one amplifies. In this cases, there are not many options for someone, except for finding some way to keep themselves distracted or busy, or actually finding a way to talk/see those they left back home. Here's where the internet and phone communications come into discussion, as those ways to keep in touch have been getting more and more complex over the last decades.


Standard calls from regular phone lines


It seems to be the closest and easiest options, to just pick a provided service from a renown carrier, without much haggle and scurry. Such providers are BT, AT&T, Rogers, Verizon, Swisscom, etc, and despite the fact that customers have to stick to whatever prices they are given, those companies are still among many people's options when picking an international phone provider, mainly for the trust they are inspiring through their renown, but not only.

The rates there are not the cheapest, but contrary. So the costs could consist of twenty percent for the service, eighty percent for the brand. That might encourage some people to try the alternatives, such as the internet, the many apps that are out there, or simply, private networks, or the smaller companies, which supply competitive rates.


Mobile phone companies are stepping in as well


As it is already stated, landlines can be a bit unreasonably expensive, so the next nearby option, is trying the mobile phone carriers for international calling as well. It seems to be mainly because the cell-phone usage has been significantly increased, and it is more handy to just add an international calling service to the already existing options, than get a separate SIM, calling card, phone, service, provider, etc. This, again, comes with a cost, the rates are not the cheap, and oftenly, customers have to comply with the carrier's terms and conditions. Some of the main providers are Vodaphone, Carphonewarehouse, O2, T-mobile, Orange, and many more.


The simple and cheaper option: calling cards


The classic way to call, by using a calling card is still a stable and accessible option, while the prices also seem better than those of the landline companies as well. The trick here however, is in all the hidden taxes and fees, that end up taking a considerable part of your credit. Since that is a detail that oftenly slips unnoticed, even throughout a full usage of a calling card, it makes some people fall into this little trap over and over again, until a late point, leading to a more or less significant financial damage.


An even cheaper (or free) option: VoIP


VoIP works for the most accessible locations, just as well as for those that are harder to reach, since it uses the world wide network. That means it can be an important way to cut down the costs, especially when calling places like Asia, or all the other Eastern or Southern regions, which don't always have the lowest prices.

Just check the rates and services on, and see for yourself which is best suited, and note that, all the rates can be applied for the Nalo app as well, if you are using it to call other landlines or cell-phones. The costs to call even the most expensive locations are usually lower than the average calling card, and if you call from your app to another, it is free.

Other companies, such as RingCentral or Skype, provide similar VoIP services, at low costs, all with their own policies, features and prices, while still keeping a level of competition and variety.

Military calling cards


War is a reality that still lingers nowadays, into certain parts of the world. While the main parts of it have been excluded from the modern society, or at least it seems so, there are still countries and places that are still shaken by this destructive phenomenon. Because of this, some countiries are seemingly sending their aid, meaning that they get to try and help the warring areas, at the cost of exposing their own soldiers to different risks, in dangerous environments, while also sending them away from their beloved ones.

Because of this, the appreciation for those who volunteer themselves, or who are doing their service into the army, does not cease to appear, ranging from different prizes, medals, ranks and social advantages, in compensation to the hard duty that they are doing or have already done. Military calling cards are among the small facilities, to help them while being far away from home.


Features and usage of the military calling cards


Different options are available from different sources, and it is all up to everyone to choose what is best suited for them. There can also be some tricky details about the military calling cards that you should consider:

  • If you buy the calling cards online, there are chances you get a better price, in comparison with those sold in stores, malls, etc.

  • A calling card that is commonly available in military bases' vending machines, at the USO Centers and online through the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, is the type sold by AT&T, the Global Prepaid card.

  • There is also the risk of meeting huge charge gaps, as the rates for various cards, can fluctuate depending on the phone type you are calling from, so make sure to check that as well. That is not the case with Nalotel however, as the military calling cards provided have rates that vary only according to the type of phone you call to, not the phone you call from.

  • Minute-rounding is still a practice even here, so just make sure to check it carefully as it can exceed the standard value of 1 minute.

  • Another type of fee, the charge-per-use, can again drain from your calling credit, so in this case, an alternative could be to buy a couple of disposal smaller cards, so they can be used in one go.


Something else than calling cards


Here's where VoIP comes into the discussion again. Making use of it through various apps, like Skype, Nalo, magicApp, MizuDroid, Signal Private Messenger, Whats app, Google Voice, Tango and so on, can be a way to keep in touch. With most of those, not only talking but also seeing eachother is possible, which can add a little bit more to the good feeling of hearing from family and friends, back home.


Military calling cards from Nalotel


If you buy a Nalotel military calling card you can benefit of competitive rates and some more features that the usual calling cards might not have. Some of them are:

  • pin-less dial

  • callback services

  • possibility to refill online in just a few minutes

  • prepaid services, which exclude the risk of huge bills if you get carried away while calling the more costly destinations.

Also through your account you can set up a speed dial for up to 10 numbers, and check your call history as well.

It is really easy to get started with Nalotel, and as soon as you are done, you can make use of all the features and services available, according to your own needs and preferences.

Android apps to call through wi-fi


By now Android and the apps designed for it seem to be the most popular, mainly due to the various developement possibilities and the open character of it, which allows developers to work freely with it, without many restrictions, and so, to make improvements.


So many to choose from


There are so many apps lurking around the online domain and while the app store and magazine-play gain more and more attention, there's also a growing interest into investing further resources on them. Lately, they managed to make apps for pretty much anything: exercising, socialising, organising time, gambling, eating, sleeping, relaxing, going on trips, doing any sort of artistic work, shopping, establishing long distance relationships/partnerships, etc; and since it is also just so easy, no wonder that calling international, is just among the targets.

Whether they are from official developing teams, in different companies or corporations, or just freelancing independent programmers, the apps are there and they just get increasingly complex as well. Tell a skeptical person from 20 years ago that in some time, people would actually be able to date real.... illusions, on a little screen, just shaped electrical impulses; or be able to see and talk with their beloved ones, despite being miles away, for decades or even a lifetime; and a laugh, or a strange look would most likely be the answer. Now, it is actually happening, technology is taking over, some are pro, some are against it, the results, or maybe the consequences, are yet to be seen. The apps gained a head start, and their impact on the daily life of many humans, is strikingly visible.


Android marched ahead of iphone


So far, the accessibility and inexpensiveness that Android brought into battle, earned them the advantage in numbers, since many seem to prefer Android phones over the iphones. Also open character of Android OS allows many more to freely work with it, with less restrictions, which means a wider range of options, improvements and possibilities.


The thread on which they tread


If you want to download, watch or play something, you can most likely find it on the internet, and to reach it, you need to connect to it, so the basic way to get linked with the network, in the context of wireless devices, is the wi-fi.

By now, without an internet connection, many devices are basically "dead" or most of their functions are limited, hindered or shut down, so the wi-fi is actually very much like a spider-web on which "they" hang and do their things. Imagine a day without internet in the world: panic, sadness, chaos, possibly mass depression, which is surprisingly obvious in showing how dependant on it we have become, even during our casual daily lives.

Do not despair though, the roots of this all are quite deep and it would take quite strong winds to take them out, so mainly, it seems to be something that brings a little more assurance onto the table.


Not just stability but diffusion as well


As the demand grows, people need to "hang" onto the internet connections more and more, and while this happens, it encouraged and sustained the the wi-fi connections, to "multiply" and spread on a wider area of the modern world, making the use of apps, an easy and accessible element of the modern society.

If you are using Android, just as if you have an iphone, there is a wide range of apps for you to choose from, for international calling, such as Viber, Skype, Nalo, Google Voice, etc.

Most of their capabilities and features are similar and various, while each of them has their own particularities and means of personalization.

Nalo provides a simple way to call landlines and cellphones, as well as free app-to-app services and additional features, such as chat and video-call, while it can be easily downloaded from app store or magazine play.

Welcome to Nalotel