International Callback

We believe that globalization is the important driver for making this planet a better place. By empowering people in any corner of the world, with a telephone service that removes distance, we are one of the contributors to this progress. If you travel around or have your relatives abroad, you’ll get the cheapest international calls and receive a callback from any phone, anywhere in the world.

How International Callback works

Every Callback has to be initiated at any time from our Interactive Customer Web Interface.

The customer types in the number they want to receive the Callback on, and the telephone number of the person they want to call. The Callback is launched with a call to the customer first, and then as soon as they pick up the phone, the second leg of the call is launched to the person they want to call. So that means you will always need same internet connection to access your Nalotel Account.

If you don't have internet connectivity at all, we can always help you with our Virtual International Number service. Make various calls once the Callback is received from our system, you don't have to initiate callback again.

By touching # key at the end of your conversations you will receive a new dial tone that means our system is ready for you to enter a new destination. There is no limit of how many times you can press the # key and start new international calls.

Features & Benefits

Signing up for the service is easy and there is no contract or commitment! It’s very popular for travelers to use this Callback service from their hotel rooms and benefit from low international calling rates while enjoying high quality connections!

Never worry about a missed call. If you miss your callback, you will not be charged. Simply initiate your call back service again at no charge.

We offer excellent customer service! You will have access to an account management online feature for easy handling of many amazing features!

Monthly statement will be sent to your e-mail with call details at no additional charge!

There are no monthly fees, connection fees, or charges for incomplete or busy calls!

We offer easy payment options. We can debit your monthly usage from your preferred credit card (auto-pay) or you can pre-pay your account every month. It's your choice!


The International Callback service is available from any country in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection to access your Nalotel account friendly interface and initiate your callback. The callback service can be used from a fixed phone or a mobile phone and save when placing international long distance call.


International Callback FAQ

Q: If my phone provider will charge me when using the Callback service?

A: No, your phone provider will not charge you when using Callback Service simply because you will receive a Callback ring from Nalotel System. Then you can initiate an international call with significantly lower international calling rates.

Q: How do I place a call using the Callback service?

A: Soon, after initiating Callback from your Nalotel online account manager, your phone will ring and there will be a message prompting you to dial your destination number.

Q: Are there any minimum usage requirements?

A: No, there are no minimum usage requirements for the Callback service. You can dial as many international calls as you need.

Q: What are the rates for this service?

A: With Nalotel Callback you can call anywhere in the world at the lowest possible rates. The cost of making a telephone call via Callback consists of two parts (2 legs of call) as the caller is effectively paying for an outbound and inbound call at the same time. - The charges for the call to your phone number - The charges for the call to the destination phone number. Select the country you will be calling from and the country you will be calling to. This may still be less expensive than calling directly, which is primarily why callbacks are used.

Q: When Callback service will be activated with my account?

A: The Callback service will be activated at the same time when your Nalotel account is created and with credit is added to your account. As soon as it done you can start using the Callback service immediately.

Q: Can I use this service from any phone? Are the rates the same?

A: Yes, our Callback service can be used with a mobile phone or a landline phone and even from a pay phone (if it has a phone number). There is no need for any additional equipment. The rates can vary when you initiate a callback ring to mobile or landline and the country where you will receive a callback. Please check our rates page for more information.

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