Start Calling from Landline or Mobile Phone with Nalotel

How to call using access number or toll free number

Each time before you make a call you will hear your DialRomania account balance and minutes remaining for your call. To make international call please follow these dialing instructions:

1. Dial Access Number from mobile or landline and press the "talk" button

2. When prompted, enter your Pin number

3. Calls within US or Canada, Dial 1 + area code + the number you wish to call + the pound key (#)

4. For calls to Zambia Dial 011 + country code (260) + area code (city phone prefix) + number you wish to call + the pound key (#)

5. To make another call, don't hang up, Press the pound key twice (#)

* Note: If you are calling from a mobile phone DO NOT press Send, OK or Call but POUND key (#) after dialing the number you are calling. If you pres Send, OK, Call the call will be carried and billed by your wireless service provider.

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