Callthrough Direct Number

International Callthrough Direct Number

Make international calls with premium quality and low-cost rates to any destination around the world. You can use the service from any mobile or landline phone.

How international Callthrough Direct Number works

If the desired phone number is oversees, Nalotel creates automatically a local number for you to connect your international call. Save this number and you will be able to connect the same person later on, using the same local number.

Getting started is easy. With a local number created, you will be able to use it from a landline if you are not using a mobile. The only condition is for you to sign up using your landline number so Nalotel can connect your number with your peers you are calling. The process is the same as for mobile users. Create a local number for each of your contact and you will receive a confirmation for every number you created.

Features & Benefits

By calling through direct number you’ll avoid high international rates while getting the quality of a local call.

There are no contracts or hidden fees of any kind. Just low-cost international calling via local phone lines with the premium call quality.Due to easy to use account manager features you will always be informed of your calling activity including account balance and credits used.

You can save up to 9 phone numbers in your speed dial book. The speed dial keys go from 0 to 9. When you place a call, our system prompts you to enter the phone number you wish to dial. You just press the appropriate speed dial key followed by the pound sign (#) and your call goes through. No long numbers to enter any more!

If you set a speed dial for our access number on your phone machine, you have to press three keys only to complete a dial - as easy as '1-2#'! That's it!

Fast calling through PIN less dialing - the local number corresponds to your international number is saved in your contact list all you need to do is dial respective local number.


If your desired calling destination in one of the 40 calling countries, you will get premium-quality international calls at the best rates on the market. We’ll even give you a free 3-minute international call to test us out.

The Callthrough Direct Number can be used from a fixed phone or a mobile phone and save the money when placing international long distance call.


International Callthrough Direct Number FAQ

Q: What is the International Callthrough Direct Number?

A: This is an International Phone Number that you can get from any country, even if you are not geographically there. You can choose any local phone number anywhere in the world you wish to receive the calls from. You can get as many phone numbers, as you need - for your family and friends abroad or for your business.

Q: How does International Callthrough Direct Number works?

A: It works similarly to Call Forwarding. This International Phone Number can be from any city or country worldwide. Callthrough Direct Number can be set up to redirect your incoming calls to your current pho­ne number.

Q: How much the Callthrough Direct Number cost?

A: The Callthrough Direct Number is not free and the price depends on the country where you wish to have the number from. The cost will be $1/month.

Q: How long does it take to set up the Callthrough Direct Number?

A: It will take 24 hours to activate Callthrough Direct Number.

Q: Can I change the destination number?

A: Yes, you can change it any time from your online account manager.

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