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Frequently asked questions

  • Calling Plans

  • How can I make an International Calling Plan subscription?

    You can make it by completing the register and payment process to use our online service or by calling to costumer service on 1.888.349.7986. To make it online, please follow the several steps: • Click on Pricing link at the top menu. • Choose International Calling Plan that suites your preferences and press Calculate Your Price button. • If you have an existing Nalotel account you can just login into online Account Manager and make a payment or call to customer service on 1.888.329.7986. • If you have not register with us yet you have to open a new Nalotel account by completing register process and making a payment.

  • Phone Numbers

  • Will you be provided with a free Access Numbers for different countries?

    Yes, we offer free Access Number for USA, Canada and Romania. For the rest of the countries we will charge a monthly fee.

  • Can I use my mobile with your service?

    Yes, you can use your mobile phone.

  • What does Your Number mean?

    You can store Your number into our system for the callback procedure or PIN less dialing. This way you won't have to type in the number again before each call you want to make, you just need to enter it once.

  • What is the difference between Local and Toll-Free access numbers?

    Our Toll-Free access Number is 1-800-XXXX and it can be used from anywhere in the US and Canada. There is a 1.6 ? will be added on fee when using Toll-Free access numbers. The Local Access Numbers were created in purpose to be used from the specific area that you will be placing your calls from. Because they are local for your area there are NO ADD ON FEES when using a Local Access Number. No refunds and/or credits will be issued if Local Access Numbers are not available or, if your local carrier is billing you at local rates for providing you a Local Access Numbers.

  • Rates

  • How can I find the rates I am looking for?

    Whether you are looking for the cheapest international rates or most minutes we have made it easy for you. 1. Click on 'Prices'>'Calling Rates' on main menu. In search area select which country you are making a call. 2. To find the right VoIP calling plan click on 'Prices'>'Calling Plans' on main menu. Choose from Residential Calling Plan packages or create your own Smart Calling Plan package. Next, compare details and prices, choose the right calling package for you and click Calculate your price.

  • Payments

  • What is Auto Recharge?

    Auto-Recharge (automatic recharge) is a free, optional service that is included with many calling cards. Auto-Recharge automatically credits your balance when it drops to the minimum level. You can log into online Account Manager and program your account to add more minutes to your calling card when it reached a low minute or dollar balance.

  • How can I buy credit?

    Buying Cheap Calling Card credit is a very simple process in couple of steps. 1. The first step in buying a calling card credit is to know how to search for a calling card rates. You can find it by clicking on Rate link at the top menu Next, in search area, select destination where you are making a call, compare details and prices, choose the best calling option or calling plan that suits your preferences and click Buy Voice Credit. 2. The second step is buying a calling card credit. When you click on Buy Credit button, you will be prompted select amount you wish to buy (i.e. $10, $20, $50, $100, $200). If you are a new costumer please complete the register and payment process and then check out. An email confirmation is instantly sent to you with both your calling card information and easy instructions to follow.

  • If I make a call and no one answered, should I pay for the call?

    As long as the call go unanswered, your account won’t be charged. But if you dial a wrong number, or the call is answered by the answering machine or voice mail, then you will be charged for the call that is answered.

  • How much should I pay for Nalo app?

    The Nalotel application (the Nalo app) is free and available at App Store and on Google Play.

  • What payment method will be accepted?

    We are accepting debit and credit cards, checks and Western Union

  • How much credit can I top up with?

    The minimum credit amount that you can top up is $10.

  • What are the billing increments?

    All calls are billed in full minute increments with 1 minute rounding.

  • My account

  • Where is my info?

    Your personal preferences and information are stored online at Account Manager. Login into your Account Manager with an e-mail and password that you provided the first time you registered to become a member. Account Manager allows you to see your credit balance on your account, payment and call history, also you can setup auto-refill and speed dial and change your personal information if need it.

  • Can I see my call history online?

    YES. Once you logged into online Account Manager you will have access to view your complete call history, credit card information, instant access numbers, speed dial numbers and other account information. These are just some of the great benefits our service provides.

  • How can I save Speed Dial with the system?

    You can save Speed Dial numbers to our system by using online Account Manager speed dial section. In the section you associate a digit from 0 to 9 the phone number you frequently call.

  • How can I check my remaining balance?

    Login to your online Account Manager to check remaining balance. The available balance will be also be announced by the prompt every time you dial an Access Number.

  • How can I get my PIN number?

    Log into your account in section activities or call the customer service and ask about your PIN number.

  • Will my credit expire if I do not use the account?

    Your credit is never expired even if you don’t use your account for a long time.

  • I have forgotten my user data. What should I do?

    Try to login to your online account manager and then click forgotten password link, than enter your e-mail address. Soon you will receive e-mail from us with instruction how to reset your password.

  • Refer a friend

  • How can I make referrals?

    To make referrals please go to Refer a Friend page fill up the form. Each person you successfully subscribe to Nalotel with minimum $20, you will receive $5 Nalotel voice credit.

  • How it works

  • Which countries can I call to and from?

    You can call from anywhere to everywhere in the world.

  • Do I need to buy any equipment?

    You can use your phone (mobile or landline) or you may need a PC for web calling and for managing your account online.

  • Do I have to register with Nalotel?

    Yes, to use Nalotel you must register using an e-mail address and password. Users who have already registered with Nalotel can also use Nalotel login details.

  • What is speed dial?

    Speed dial is a free service that allows you to dial your frequently called phone numbers automatically.

  • What is PIN less dialing?

    PIN less dialing is a free service that allows you to use your calling card without entering your pin number.

  • Can I cancel my service at any time?

    YES. You can cancel the service at any time simply by calling customer service 1 888.349.7986.

  • How to make an International Call? Which number to dial out?

    You can make an International Call to any destination worldwide by using Cheap International Calling card. This is a Virtual Calling card, which can be used with Access Number that you have dial before calling an International number. An access number is provided upon account activation. Any phone calls that are made from phone number, which is not registered with us requires a PIN number so after you dial your access number, you will be prompted to enter a PIN code. More detailed information you can find here.