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How we work?

How we work

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Some things about our work

  • Our offer

  • At Nalotel we offer great competitive rates making sure you will receive premium quality international calls to landline and mobile. We connect you through local phone lines, which means, you never have to worry about poor reception. For each person you successfully subscribe, you'll receive $5 credit bonus.

  • Our Benefits

  • Easy in use cheap International Calling Card. Internet-free calls to many countries. Free International calls from Nalo to Nalo. Free VoIP phone with Residential plan. 1,000 calling minutes to US, Canada & more with international access number. Great customer service 24/7.

  • Calling plans

  • Get Nalotel credits and start calling to any mobile or landline around the globe. We guarantee quick connection, premium call quality and cost-saving rates. At Nalotel we have calling plans and packages for all your international needs. You can choose between calling plans such as Pay per minute as you call, Call Nalo, Residential calling plan or create your own Smart calling package based on your calling needs.

  • Residential plan

  • Residential plan comes with premium calling features, international access number, VoIP phone and unlimited free calls to everyone who has Nalo VoIP phone. You can choose between Residential calling plan packages or create your own Smart calling package based on your calling behavior.

  • Nalo App

  • Nalotel lets you make internet calls in numerous countries as long as you have Nalo app installed. We are using local phone lines when there is no internet available. We guarantee low-cost, international, internet-free calls with premium quality. Popular destinations include Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and many more.