Virtual Phone Number

Liberate international calling through Virtual Phone Number

Have your own International phone number in any city or country worldwide and you’ll be able to make and receive calls using your regular mobile or landline phone

How Virtual Phone Number works

  • Chose the destination you will be receiving calls from
  • Get your Virtual Number
  • Get your Virtual Number

I live in the United States but my parents live in Poland and my peers in Brazil and Morocco. They spend a lot of money on long distance calls. So, I got a Virtual Number in Poland, South America and Morocco. Now they can call me as often as they want for the price of a local call! It's never been easier to keep in contact!

Features & Benefits

Buy number from over 40 countries and then route them to anywhere in the world.

You can buy numbers from different countries and forward all of them to one Mobile or Land Line Number.

Instantly add new numbers and start using immediately. May not work for all countries, due to security check's and form requirements.

Instantly forward your phone number to any destination in the world or even you can route calls to any VoIP phone or Nalo app.

Change the ring to settings for all your purchased numbers to any destination.

When you have a low balance on your talk time, you are notified for the calls and also requested to add more talk time. All your bills are automatically charged to your credit card.


Virtual Phone service enables you to receive calls anywhere around the world through our service. It enables on such as mobile phones, landline, Skype, Gtalk, VoIP phones, MSN etc. with local geographical locations.

We have almost 40+ countries virtual numbers from around the world at per month charges or annual charge.


International Virtual Phone Number FAQ

Q: What is the Virtual International Phone Number?

A: This is an International Phone Number that you can get from any state or any country, even if you are not geographically/physically there. You can choose any local Phone Number, anywhere in the world you wish to be connected to. You can get as many Virtual Phone Numbers as you need - for your family and friends abroad or for your business.

Q: How does International Virtual Phone Number works?

A: It works similarly to Call Forwarding. This International Phone Number can be from any city or country worldwide. Virtual Phone Number can be set up to redirect your incoming calls to your current number.

Q: How much the Virtual Phone Number cost?

A: The Virtual Phone Number is not free and the price depends on the country where you wish to have number from. The cost is between $5 to $10 USA.

Q: How long does it take to set up the Virtual Phone Number?

A: It will take from 1 to 7 days or more depends on the country where you wish to get the Virtual Phone Number.

Q: Do I need any documents to get International Virtual Phone number?

A: Usually there is not any requirement documents but there is address requirements. Some phone numbers in some countries (see below) are only available to people that live or work in that country. In some cases you only need to provide an address. In other cases you also need to provide proof of address (copy of utility bill or similar). There is always some numbers in every country that could be bought. In the ordering process you can find information about this.

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