Be Global

Embracing the ever changing global communication it's the only way to evolve

Expand your international availability to your family and friends through international calling. We have found a way to make your international presents simple reliable and cheap based on your unique calling pattern.

Call Forwarding

With Nalo find-me or follow-me service, you'll have the flexibility to travel anywhere around the globe, while also knowing you'll stay connected everywhere you go.

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call forwarding

International Callback

If you don't have to many options when you travel or have family abroad and you want to call internationally at extremely low rates, then our International Callback service is the perfect option for you!

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Virtual Phone Number

Get virtual phone number from any destination worldwide and forward all of them to one mobile, landline or any VoIP phone. You'll be able to make and receive international calls from your family and friends for a fraction of the cost.

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virtual number

Callthrough Direct Number

Get premium call quality at the best rates on the market. We are using local phone lines to connect your call, which means you'll save the money on international long distance calling to more than 40 countries.

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