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Nalo mobile app

The Nalo app on your tablet or smartphone lets you make cheap international calls to landline and mobile phones anywhere you have an internet connection. You can make and receive premium-quality voice calls, chat and video calls. Plus, you can connect to other Nalo mobile users worldwide, for free. If you don’t have our app, you can still make calls to any number in the world.

Flexible features of Nalo mobile VoIP

In our personal life popularity of wireless devices like mobile phone, tablet etc. is growing day by day. What are those “flexible features” of mobile VoIP? By using wireless mobile phone as a VoIP device, it’s really cheap and user friendly to make intern ational calls, sending instant messaging and more. Thanks to great quality of high speed 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, Nalotel also embraced Mobile based VoIP services.

Free Nalo to Nalo

Free calls, chat and video call to other Nalo app users.

Low-cost international rates

The cheapest way to call anyone else around the world.

Speed dialing

Speed dial function allows you to place a call right from your contact list.

Group Calls

Put to use the Nalo group calling feature and share the messages with your conference call.


This option will ensure that your account will always be able to make calls all the time.

Instant messaging

Stay in touch with your messages to colleagues with instant messaging features.


When you are unable to pick up your incoming call, stored on the Nalotel delivered to your email address.

Video calling

Make video calls with your colleagues.

Profile Picture

Setyour profile picture and it’ll be seen by and family


Discover new cheerful way to express yourself through Nalo chat.

Why choose Nalo app?

Cheap international calls

Nalo mobile app helps you save money on international calling. We connect you through local phone lines, which means, you never have to worry about bad phone reception.

Free Nalo to Nalo calling

With Nalo app on your mobile device you can make unlimited calls to any destination worldwide. All you need is Nalo app installed on your mobile device and so is your friend.

Get free credit

Refer a friend or your family members and get rewarded with $5 credit added to your Nalotel account with each successful subscription.

Get the Nalo app & invite your friends for international free calling


nalo app

No internet, no hassle, no hesitation

We connect your calls via local landlines, so you don’t have to lean on internet connection. We’ll give you premium-quality calls to many countries at the best rates. You always know exactly how many minutes you have for your money. No sign-up fees, hidden costs and more. Stay connected wherever you are and enjoy crisp, clear calls that never drop.

Check your destination and start calling!