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Unlimited calling services from Nalotel


It can be such a headache to call internationally, and due to the quality risks and the financial burden, it can get even worse.

That's why, some crafty fellows turned towards alternative means, such as Facebook, Skype, Tango, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Those however, are tied to the internet, so in the absence of any wifi signal or decent data reserves, they are unable to reach their party and if we consider the connection issues or the breakdowns as well, it can get quite painful, especially when there are events that require an immediate connectivity. Another inconvenience could be the cases when the person that you are trying to reach doesn't have a smartphone. Landlines could be called through some apps too, but with such a high expense, that some may prefer saving up some calls to buy the plane tickets and talk face-to-face. Calling cards are still alive and kicking, and provide a better way to call both landlines and smartphones, their quality over apps being matched by their prices.

The international calling monopoly should be reduced, so people get a square part on prices.

Meet Nalotel, an American company designed to bring its customers the best international calling services along with more than fairly-priced quality and reliability. After over a decade and half of experience in providing telecom services, the constant innovation and improvement that had been attained and the strive to work in the favor of the custommers, enabled Nalotel to reach a balanced and reasonable way of providing the most favorable prices for their custommers.

Because of this, in order to keep the pace going with the advancing communication industry, Nalotel provides a mean for unlimited calling along with the other services, keeping good rapports in the quantity/price formula. So, for unlimited international calling with so many countries, there is a $32.99 price, this including a free VoIP phone, without the need to pay additional taxes. For some countries, like Romania, Canada, India and China, but not only, you may also call to mobile phones, along the usual landline devices. Furthermore, this also includes the call-back service on any plan.

The telecom industry is seen as a goldmine because the possibility to make huge incomes through margins that orbit around eighty percent. For someone who talks 2000+ minutes per month, Nalotel's rate would mean less than $0.015 per minute, becoming almost an insignificant price when you are talking to your relatives and friends abroad. Furthermore if you are not talking that much but you still want to get a fair price, our other plans are cheap enough so you wouldn't feel a difference between calling internationally and simply calling someone in your state. For example, a plan for Romania would give you 500 minutes for both cellphone and landline for just $6.5 per month, this meaning $0.013 per minute, or if you'd like 1000 cellphone and landline minutes, it'll be just $12.40, this means less than $0.013 per minute.

Whether you want to use Nalotel's services with an access code, through the VoIP phone, or from your smartphone via Nalo app, both the prepaid credit or the plans are available for you to use as you please. Because of the instability and the issues that most of the communication apps have, they are not much recommended for important matters, when you need to have some more stability and a flawless, or at least decent signal.

There have been so many innovations nowadays that no domain is left without a representative name, or more. Skype, and WhatsApp seemed to seize the market with a continous advancement in providing peer to peer calling and video-calling services. Spotify made for themselves a reputation in the music industry. So what Nalotel is trying to do, is to provide a flexible alternative, and the way our app works is pretty convenient.


App-to-app and app-to-cellphone/landline


Over the years, our app has proven to be really useful, mainly because you may use it to call anyone for free, if they have it installed. If they don't, you may also dial app-to-cellphone/landline and the charge is applied according to the rates for that region, either from your credit, that does not expire, or using the minutes you receive from your plan.

The way it works is pretty simple: just as with an access code, your phone company will only see you as dialing locally, so the payment will be according to that, and because almost everyone has now unlimited calls in the USA, there will be no problem. In order to make sure there's no unpleasant surprise for you when the phone bill arrives, we're making sure you get the best access code in your area. So, considering this all, the only payment that you'd need to make for an international call, would be around $0.02, varying from a region to another.

Another advantage is that there're no additional taxes you'd have to worry about, the only tax that we perceive, is twenty percent of the total amount, so, no other hidden fees. This needed to be more transparently displayed, because there are many cases when people can't make use of their full credit. For example, when people buy a calling card, just like any other grocery, from a random shop, there are sometimes a couple of hidden taxes (for dial, and even for hung up) and in the end, they don't get to talk the amount they paid for.

Nalotel offers services for international calling in over 200 countries, so it is most likely that you'd find a reasonable plan, and in the future, there's the possibility of even more options and plans to be added, so all of the custommers could call anywhere.


Quality in simplicity


The app has been designed so it could be easily accessed from your smartphone, whether it works with Android or iOS. All you have to do is download and install it, from magazine-play or app store, and then, for security reasons, and as an authentication, you'll be required to enter the numeric user and password. After that, it's ready to go and you may try its features anytime. The interface has been designed in such manner that it is simple and easy to navigate. Even the colors, white and blue, should add to the esthetic level of the app. While you are using the app, you have the keys on the main screen, that are designed so you could comfortably enter the number you want to call. No more access codes are needed to be typed in before it.

Some more options of the app are displayed right on the screen, accessible and handy. Through Nalo, video-calling is also possible, and if leaving written messages to be seen later is your preference, you may use app's chat. If you want to check the history of your calls and details about them, Nalo also provides this option.

Accessibility is an important factor, so the options of this app are designed in such way that it is simple, making it easy to work with.