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5 of the best WiFi calling apps


WiFi calling is one of the best ways to reach whoever you wish, without having to worry about overly-expensive bills. Many people are using such services in order to save money. There are so many options out there to try, and due to a constant demand, new ones or the innovation of older ones, doesn't cease to appear. The compatibility is assured for most types of smart-phones and furthermore, technical support and even community support, can be found through all kinds of forums and internet materials: articles, reviews, etc.

  • Nalo- An easy-to-use app that allows you to call international without any other additions, or complications, as long as you've got some credit on your Nalotel account. It requires internet access, which is less and less of an issue. Calling app-to-app however, is completely free if the other side have it installed as well. There is also an integrated chat for text messaging and it also provides a video-calling option. The credit you have for the prepaid service does not expire.

  • KakaoTalk- Is one of those that allow free app-to-app calls, as long as both ends have the same service. It does not require any kind of registration or authentication, since it uses the user's phone number for identification and access. This app can be use on BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones, and iPhones, as long as there is a mean for internet access.

  • iCall- Available for a wider range of devices (iPad, iPod Touch, Android and iPhone) this app can be used for wi-fi dialing even without a signal. If you make a simple call on your cell-phone, it could also be sent through wi-fi in order to dodge some charges. It also allows you to receive incoming calls, even if the app is turned off.

  • Pinger- With this app, wi-fi calling is available from your phone, to any landline or cell phone. Using this app does not imply the binding of any contract and you may dial them whether they have the app installed or not. If they want to reach you back however, the app needs to be installed on their side as well, and then, not only calling, but messaging too, is available.

  • WiCall- It may be used with your Android phone or Honeycomb tablet, enabling the user to make wi-fi calls. It provides a prepaid mobile services, without the bother of long-term contractual binding. The credit you have here does not have unlimited duration, instead, it expires 1 year after recharge. With WiCall, you don't have to worry about your phone company, because it routes your calls directly through the internet, using the VoIP method. The quality is good on most part, mainly depending on your internet speed, connection and signal.

Whichever of this apps you may use, they let you reduce your international calling costs quite notably by making use of the internet, and because the possibilities of connecting are getting more and more accessible, finding a viable, or even random signal to call at any time shouldn't be a problem.