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Big question: Nalotel or Viber?


If you want to call your family or friends while being accomodated abroad, there is a chance you might get spicy prices from a regular provider. What is the solution then? VoIP, or voice over IP calls are out there and available through so many apps. It helps you dimish some of the expenses at the cost of tying you to the internet.

Two of the companies that provide such optional services are Nalotel and Rakuten Viber. The apps available from them are Nalo and Viber respectively, and even though both are designed for international VoIP calling, they are not quite the same.

Nalotel- Is the American company for calling international, helping people keep in thouch at low costs for over a decade. Whether you want a monthly plan for constantly keeping in touch with your loved ones or friends, or just some credit for occasional talk, Nalotel has the solutions for you. Its so easy and without any bothering contracts or inconvenient agreements. The variety of services allow users to customize their own plan, according with their needs and preferences. There is also a VoIP phone you may use for your home, office, etc., which you can take with you anywhere. The advantages would be that you get your own phone number, which leaves aside the risk of being bothered by telemarketers. Also you don't get charged when receiving international calls. Along with the local and long-distance services, there is also an app for Android or iOS cell-phones, which can be installed with pretty much no effort, it is called Nalo. This app may be used to enable VoIP calling on your phone, so anyone could make use of their Nalotel plan or credit from anywhere. The rates are smaller than what you'd be paying to your local phone company for international calling, and if those you want to reach have the app installed as well, you may also benefit from free app-to-app calling, along with video-calling and the text-messaging feature.

Rakuten Viber- Originally founded by two chief information officers of the Israel Defense Forces (source: Wikipedia), in 2010, Viber was meant to be pretty much like Skype, a freeware app for instant messaging and VoIP. I was later bought by the Japanese company Rakuten, precisely in 2014. It is available for Linux, macOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS. By 2016, the app had around eight hundred registered users and advanced communication features, such as HD voice, group messaging and the VoIP feature that allowed users to call landline and mobile phone numbers. It also allows this features on your PC.


International calling experience


With Viber, a known inconvenience brought forth, could be that users are still at the risk of high costs, because, if the internet connection drops, the call is automatically switched to a normal call, so if they don't have any cheap roaming or international plan activated, they could pay the spiced up prices, that phone companies usually apply.

This is not a reason of worry with Nalo, because if the connection drops, the call drops as well. On a subjective level, there are advantages and disadvantages: some users prefer flawless quality at any costs, some additional taxes on their phone bills not being a problem; and on the other hand, others could afford some mild risks of discomfort if this means a financial advantage.

Either way, both companies provide a set of benefits, customized according with various preferences. The large amount of users that Viber has, means there is enough focus on development and support. Also, the high emphasis that Nalotel brought in helping the customer choose the best option for their calls, is also a good reason to consider trying our services out.


Things are changing!


The undertaken measures for this area, are now displaying how much of an effort and resources are spent nowadays to design, develop and promote the "little screens"(tablets, smart-phones, smart-watches, etc.) on the market. A feverishly competition is driving prices down and quality up on mostly all domains, so you, the average customers, are free to take advantage of that, benefiting of the best services, for decent-to-low prices, while keeping in touch with your loved ones.