Make any calls to Cuba directly from your PC


It is understandable that sometimes, it is much easier to call from the PC, especially if there is a possibility for that, or if some kind of work needs to be done, which usually keeps both hands busy. With some headphones and a microphone, and the proper software, one could easily call almost anywhere nowadays, and Cuba is not an exception. While most local phone companies provide huge rates to call there, and the other smaller companies need to also keep them pumped up due to economic reasons, making a call through VoIP can get much cheaper.


Calling Cuba with a desktop app


There are many apps, like Skype, which could help someone make easy calls from their PC, even if they don't have a credit. In this case, to call from Skype to a landline or cellphone, you need to have some money into the balance, and in order to call Cuba, as much as an average conversation, one would need a credit of $5-10, since the rate is 82.6 cents/minute. Needless to say that skype is free of charge when calling app-to-app, but not only, text messages or video chat is also available.

Another app which you could try, is Nalo. Just as Skype, it can let the users video call, or sent messages, as well as make any calls, anywhere, by using Nalotel's competitive rates. App-to-app services are free as well. Nalo is available in the magazine play or app store, for Android phones and iphones respectively. Another software, specially designed for Linux, Windows and Mac computers, can be downloaded just as easy, from Nalotel's website:, and it can be installed in just a few minutes.

Google Voice could also be taken into account when planning to dial abroad, even though the rate per minute is 98 cents. All the reputation gathered throughout the years however, seems to inspire both trust, and high expectations, since normally, the clients wouldn't settle for something below average. So even though a progress could be very nicely received by the large user base, the critics are also on guard for any mistakes or trouble, that could immediately lit the fuse.