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Internatioanl calls are usualy very expensive.
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Santa's here with more international minutes


If you are looking for the best way to call international, you are in the  right place at the right time! Because this year, Santa 🎅 is coming to you with more international minutes!.

If you want to call from a landline, or maybe you want to call from mobile phone, Nalotel is the best choice.

Do not hesitate! call now to customer services at 1.888.349.7986, or visit, to see what Santa prepared for you this year! And stay close, to see what's coming soon! 🎁




By St. Nicholas, share time before gifts


          December is here. The holidays are here. And the winter happiness starts with St.Nicholas.
          The legendary figure of St. Nicholas is derived from Nicholas of Myra who officiated as a bishop in 4th century Greece.
During his lifetime he developed a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins into other people's shoes, which accounts for many of today's Christmas traditions that involve leaving gifts in shoes or boots.
          But what do you do if you are away from home? away from your loved ones? Take a little part of your time and call them.
          Because sometimes, a few minutes of attention, is more important then a material gift, especially when you are far away from these persons.
          And don't worry about money. Nalotel have super low rates for you to call your loved ones everywhere in the world. It costs you just a very few cents to make a HUGE gift: YOUR ATENTION.
          It is precious. A few minutes of your time can make someone's day , happiest day. And Nalotel is here for you to show your love easier.
          Check to see winter offers for international calls. 

Thanksgiving day. Say thanks overseas


      Thanksgiving Day is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. In us , Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal.

The meal often includes a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie, and vegetables. Some parades or festivities mark the opening of the Christmas shopping season.Some people have a four-day weekend so it is a popular time for trips and to visit family and friends.

Thanksgiving isn't just in US and Canada , it is  celebrated in Caraibean islands, Liveria, Japan , and some european countries like , Germany, France and Romania. 

This day is the biggest opportunity to call you loved ones , family and friends, to say thanks.. thanks for everything !

And Nalotel is here for you, Nalotel tells you THANKS , with some new calling plans and BEST RATES for you to say thanks even overseas.

Check . Have a great and thankful day !

Romania, Dracula's home


   We all heard about Dracula. Everyone knows he's a vampire. In present are a lot of movies, stories, photos with Dracula as a vapire. many of you know the true side about him?  that he really existed and in fact he wasn't a vampire?
      His real name was Vlad Tepes, and he was the Voivode of  Wallachia in 1448, and his famous name Dracula, came from the nickname  Vlad " Dracul " which was given for being a member of " Dragon's Order". But he had a few characteristics that makes everyone think he is a vampire, he also had a hudge lust of blood and he adopted the method of impaling criminals and enemies. Dracula is literally translated in Gaelic as Drac Ullah meaning bad blood. His castel is named " Bran Castle " and it can be found in  Bran Town, Brasov county, Romania. Bran Castle is built on a cliff, at a key strategic point. If you want you can search on Google about Dracula and his castel, but you can also call to Romania to find out more right from the people who lives close to the Castle, or if you want to visit  Dracula's home, and make a reservation at a hotel there. Because now it is easier then ever to call international. With Nalotel you can call Romania with very very low rates. and all you need is an acces code provided by Nalotel.

Check for more details. 

Just think about visiting Dracula's home, would not be nice ?

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