Call Forwarding

International call forwarding some times is called Find Мe or Follow Мe services. With our service your incoming calls can be forwarded to any existing phone in the world at the cost of a local call. You can combine call forwarding with our other call features such us voice mail and speed dial.

How Call Forwarding works

Find Me refers to the ability to receive incoming calls at another location. Your incoming calls can be redirected to any other domestic phone number then international number. Or it’ll be redirected to another destination, which may be, for example, a mobile phone or another phone number where the desired called party is available.

If no connection is made, the system may route the call to the voicemail and to your email address.

Follow Мe refers to the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence. You will be assigned a phone number. When that number is dialed the system routes the call through a user-defined list of numbers. The numbers may be called simultaneously or sequentially, either in a preferred order or in accordance with the user's scheduled activities and locations.

If no connection is made, once all numbers on the list have been called, the system may route the call to the voicemail and to your email address.

Features & Benefits

Add outside or inside caller on Hold 3-way conference call on your phone. Let others know if you are busy, available of offline. Greet callers with music or special marketing messaging.

Receive voicemail from your missed calls to your email.

When you use this Follow Me call forwarding feature, you can be sure that your home phone and cell phone numbers remain private. You only need one phone number to be reachable anywhere in the world. You’ll never miss a great opportunity or an important call again


Follow me service or find me service allows you to make yourself available in a global scale. This feature allows users to be reached at numerous devices, such as mobile, home-phone, office-phone or softphones anywhere in the world.

You can forward calls to multiple numbers, choose to ring all numbers simultaneously or in a sequentially.

You don’t miss any calls while you’re on the go, your contacts can Find Me or Follow Me.


International Call Forwarding FAQ

Q: If my phone provider will charge me when using the Call Forwarding service?

A: Yes and no. This will depend on the provider of your phone plane. If your phone number belongs to the mobile operator and your incoming calls forwarding to your international phone number, first of all you must redirect all incoming calls to the local Nalotel access number. Depending on your phone plan with your provider, you will pay or do not pay for redirecting incoming calls to the local Nalotel phone number.

Q: Why Call Forwarding can work for you?

A: Upon sign up, you can receive a local phone number anywhere in the world that you want. Your incoming calls will be forwarded from Nalotel System to initial phone number then international phone. This will give people the ability to reach you without paying roaming for the international calls. Toll-Free Call Forwarding can be work similarly, but rather than having a local phone number, you would have a Toll-Free number that would be forwarded to the phone number of your choice. There are some samples when Call Forwarding service can reward you individually as well as in business and save you the trouble associated with missing important calls. When traveling you can forward your mobile calls internationally to avoid mobile international roaming charges. Activate your local phone number for the country your mobile phone is registered in, and before leaving your country for an international trip, forward your mobile calls to the new local number (you can set this up through the forwarding option on your mobile phone).  If you are expecting an international phone calls from relatives and friends who have been living abroad. You can provide them with your local phone number so they can simply reach you by dialing that local phone number. At some point you are going to miss a call. Advanced Call Forwarding service gives you the ability to route international calls directly to your voicemail or email. If you are a small business owner with international clients in different countries, you can supply your clients with a local or toll free number in the country they are located so in this point you are not going to miss an important calls and will be easily reachable in the right sport at the right time.

Q: Are there any minimum usage requirements?

A: There are no minimum usage requirements for Call Forwarding service.

Q: What are the rates for this service?

A: With Nalotel Call Forwarding service you can forward your incoming calls anywhere in the world at the lowest possible rates.

Q: How long does it take to set up the Call Forwarding service?

A: Setting up the Call Forwarding service it will take the couple of seconds and will be done from the online account manager.

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