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Global calling

Get 1,000 calling minutes to US, Canada & more with International access number

Calling Mexico

Start from 1.9 ¢ / minutes

Unlimited $2999

One month unlimited calls to multiple countries + FREE VoIP Phone

Nalo International calling card

Surprise your family and friends who frequently make international calls with cheap calling card benefits, so they can call mobiles and landlines around the world.

Cheap International calls around the globe

Get the lowest rates for premium calls & plenty of minutes to any phone line and any destination worldwide with Nalotel credits.

Unlimited & low cost VoIP calling plans

At Nalotel VoIP phone service we have calling plans for all of your international needs. Our cost saving calling plans come with premium calling features, free VoIP Phone and more.

How we work

Nalotel is offering greate competitive rates making sure you receive premium-quality international calls.

We connect you through local phone lines, which means, you have never to worry about poor phone reception.

Free Nalo app?

With Nalo app on your device you can make cheap international calls or free unlimited calls between Nalo app users. All you need is a free Nalo app installed on your device and so does your contact.

Call Nalo

Nalotel lets you make internet calls in numerous countries as long as you have Nalo app installed. We are using local phone lines when there is no internet available. We guarantee low-cost, international, internet-free calls with premium quality. Popular destinations include Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and many more.

Where you can make internet-free call?

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Pay per minutes as you call

With Nalotel credits you can call to any mobile or landline from any country in the world with very low rates.

Refer a friend

Refer a friend & get $5 credit added to your Nalotel account

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Cheap international calling card

We offer Nalo Prepaid Calling Card with great features and low cost rates. Learn how to use Cheap International Calling Card and save up to 80% on international long distance calls

Nalo calling card features

  • Free Nalo to Nalo
  • Group Calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call back
  • Call through
  • Speed dial
  • Video calling
  • PIN less dialing

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