Cheap international calling rates

Pay per minute as you call

Get Nalotel credits and start making low-cost phone calls to any mobile and landline around the world. We connect you through local phone lines and guarantee quick connection, premium call quality and very low rates.
As well, you can make FREE calls between Nalo app contacts and Nalo VoIP service users. All you need is Nalo mobile app, Nalotel VoIP phone or Desktop softphone installed.

Look no further, Nalotel is the place for cheap calling

At Nalotel we offer cheap International Calling Cards, that can be used with Local Access number or Toll Free number, which will be provided with calling card activation. Now you can make affordable calls anywhere around the world.

  • Auto-recharge
  • Speed dial
  • PIN less dialing
  • No commitments
  • Call forward
  • Callthrough local number
Price and Quality
  • Cheap rates
  • One minute rounding
  • Premium call quality
  • Quick connection
  • Local access code
  • Toll Free number
  • No hidden fees
  • No connection fee
  • Free minutes when signing up
  • Real time management
  • Reliable service
  • Dedicated costumer support

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Unlimited calling between Nalo service users

This is a free Nalo to Nalo service and there’s no contract or commitment. You can talk as long as you want and have your friends and family members for a group audio and video calling.

Nalo app for mobile devices

With Nalo app on your iPhone, Android and tablet you can make free calls around the world. All you need is Nalo app installed on your mobile device and so your contacts.

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Nalo desktop softphone

Nalotel VoIP service allows you to make unlimited international calls from your computer or laptop to any destination as long as you and your friends have Nalo desktop softphone installed.

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Be in charge of your calling

VoIp calling plans

Residential Calling Plan comes with premium calling features, international access number, VoIP phone service and unlimited calls to everyone who has Nalo VoIP.

Choose between packages or create your own Smart Calling package based on your calling behavior.

No internet - no problem

Internet - free calling plan

Nalotel lets you make internet calls in multiple countries as long as you have Nalo mobile app installed. We are using local phone lines when there is no internet available. We guarantee low-cost, international, internet-free calls with premium quality. Popular destinations include Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and many more.

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