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Internet Calling


Nalo Mobile App

Any smartphone is good. Install Nalo Mobile App and start calling no matter where you are in the world.



Use your computer as your phone extension with our Softphone. All you have to do is download, install and enjoy becouse you are all set up.


Ring-Ready Voip Phone

The Voip Phone purchased directly from comes pre-configured, plug it in and connect it into your network and you are ready


Traditional Phone with VoIP Adapter

No need to buy a new phone, you can use the one that you have. Any traditional analog telephone will work with our VoIP Adapter.

Nalo mobile app

The Nalo app on your tablet or smartphone lets you make cheap international calls to landline and mobile phones anywhere you have an internet connection. You can make and receive premium-quality voice calls, chat and video calls. Plus, you can connect to other Nalo mobile users worldwide, for free. If you don’t have our app, you can still make calls to any number in the world.

Free Nalo to Nalo calling

With Nalo app you can make unlimited calls to any destination worldwide. All you need is Nalo app on your mobile device and so is your friend.


Group Calls

Nalo’s group call feature will help you to stay connected with those who share your interests and passions, whenever and wherever.


Safe Conversation

Keep your sensitive conversations private, with end to end encryption.It protects users’ messages from impostors or malicious actors.


File Sharing

With easy and secure Nalo file sharing you can now send media files, like Pictures and Videos. It is simple and it only takes a click.



With Nalo app on your mobile device you have instant free voice calls, video and chat.All in one place, with no extra cost.


Easy Access

Don't waste time clicking. Nalo app is very easy to use! Just launch the app and dial. The keyboard will allways display on app's main screen.



Nalo VoIP softphone service allows you to communicate around the world with the convenience of your device:Mobile, Desktop or Laptop. Turn your device into a full-featured telephony experience and save your money with the cheapest international rates. All you need is a computer, mobile or a laptop connected to hight-speed internet, a headset, microphone microphone and webcam.

Softphone made easy

X-Lite shows users just how easy it is to manage and make calls from your desktop or laptop. In fact, it only gets better. With this new desktop client, users will have a complete softphone interface that offers even more accessibility.


Friendly User Interface

User Interface focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions.


Ring-Ready Voip Phone

A VoIP phone or IP Phone uses Voice over IP technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over network such as Internet, instead of the traditional switched telephone network. The VoIP Phone replaces the regular home phone. You simply connect your VoIP Phone to the router with a internet clable. That's all. You can start calling all arround the world.


Nalotel offer the ability to convert phone messages into emails, which could be a great help to your business.



You can pretty much guarantee that you will need to eventually make a conference call. You can also send files and chat messages


Call forwarding

With just the press of a button or a tap on a touch screen, you can send all incoming calls to a designated phone.


Traditional Phone with VoIP Adapter

You can use your existing devices such as your phone or fax machine with our VoIP phone adapter.The VoIP phone adapters are generally very simple devices whose most basic function is to convert the human voice, fax data, into data packets and vice versa.The adapter has to be connected to your digital home phone or fax, and Internet router or switch, and you can use VoIP service.

Ready to Use

Our VoIP adapter is ready to use imidiatly. Just plug in the cables like in the picture, and you can use your traditional phone as a VoIP phone.



With The VoIP adapters, you don't need to think about space. It's small, with modern design, and easy to handle.


Call through Direct Number

No internet, no worries. You get an acces number! Basicly, it is a normal phone number that we provide for each customer to use for international or local calls, without internet connection.

Offline functionality

Offline Nalotel's functionality refers to the service’s ability to offer all its features to users without internet connectivity (including Wi-Fi).



Using the Access Number is not dificult at all, beside, we have many Access Numbers from many states with different area codes.


Pinless dial

Don't worry about PIN #, if you register your phone number, you don't need to enter the PIN every time you dial your acces phone number.


Up-to-date Balance

Stay Up-to-date with yor Balance. Every time you Call , you will hear your Balance before the conection will be made.


No Internet

Call Back

You want more ? You get more! you are not limited at making calls, you're able to receive calls from outside of U.S. with no extra cost!

One for all

If the caller from overseas will call you, will use the minutes from your account. They pay NOTHING ! So your family or friend can call you without worries.


No differences

The caller from overseas, don't need to do nothing more than you do! They anly need to use an acces number.


Pinless dial

Don't worry about PIN #, if you register your friend's phone number, he won't need the PIN every time he dial the acces phone number.


They are not alone!

IF the caller from overseas need any questions they can call us trough the acces number. Our Customer Support is here to help them.


More in details

Every Callback has to be initiated at any time from our Interactive Customer Web Interface. The customer types in the number they want to receive the Callback on, and the telephone number of the person they want to call. The Callback is launched with a call to the customer first, and then as soon as they pick up the phone, the second leg of the call is launched to the person they want to call. So that means you will always need same internet connection to access your Nalotel Account. If you don't have internet connectivity at all, we can always help you with our Virtual International Number service. Make various calls once the Callback is received from our system, you don't have to initiate callback again. By touching # key at the end of your conversations you will receive a new dial tone that means our system is ready for you to enter a new destination. There is no limit of how many times you can press the # key and start new international calls.

How it works?


Sign Up

Quick & simple online registration. Just choose your plan & fill in your details.


Choose a number

Get a new virtual number or toll-free phone number in seconds; or transfer an existing one.


Enjoy calling

Crystal clear call quality, super simple usability, all the features you need in a phone.

Many ways to use your new online phone number


Use your computer as your phone extension with Communicator software. Just download, install and you’re ready.

Any Traditional Phone

No need to buy a new phone–use the one you have. Use any traditional analog telephone with using our Analog Telephone Adapter.

Mobile Phones

Any smartphone or mobile phone. Basically, if you can get a dial tone, it’ll work with

Ring-Ready IP Phones

Phones purchased directly from come pre-configured, ready to work the moment they’re plugged into your network.

Borderless Comunication

Nalotel is a provider of reliable & affordable local, long-distance and international calling service. With Nalotel will be easier than ever to get in touch with clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Local and Long Distance

Down the street, around the town, cross the country, wherever do you want to call, we cover all your needs!


You are free to call across the pond or around the world, we guarantee you the best call quality.

How it works?


Sync your Number

Add your phone number to your account.


Choose a receiver Number

Choose a number where wold you like to receive the forwarded calls.


Enjoy it

That's all. Your calls will be forwarded to your chosen phone number.

Find me

Find Me refers to the ability to receive incoming calls at another location. Your incoming calls can be redirected to any other domestic phone number then international number. Or it’ll be redirected to another destination, which may be, for example, a mobile phone or another phone number where the desired called party is available. If no connection is made, the system may route the call to the voicemail and to your email address.

Follow me

Follow Мe refers to the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence. You will be assigned a phone number. When that number is dialed the system routes the call through a user-defined list of numbers. The numbers may be called simultaneously or sequentially, either in a preferred order or in accordance with the user's scheduled activities and locations. If no connection is made, once all numbers on the list have been called, the system may route the call to the voicemail and to your email address.

Why we're recomanding Call Forwarding?


You will receive a voicemail from your every missed call. to your own email. In this way you will not lose any message.

More Possibilities

For smaller businesses and startups, call forwarding can create the appearance of a large corporation with multiple workers.

Choose your pay method

We offer easy payment options. We can debit your monthly usage from your preferred credit card (auto-pay) or you can pre-pay your account every month. It's your choice!


With "Follow Me" call forwarding feature, you can be sure that your home phone and cell phone numbers remain private.

Ring Everywhere

in fact, is a feature called “simultaneous ring”.With simultaneous ring, all incoming calls to a designated line can be set to ring to more than one phone.

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